Reports: Civic engagement

The Livability Economy: People, Places, and Prosperity
AARP, July 2015, 28 pp.
This report shows how livability initiatives contribute to improved economic performance and a more vibrant, desirable, and competitive environment for housing and commercial investment. The framework of the report focuses on design factors that feature four livability outcomes that benefit older adults and people of all ages, including compactness, integration of land uses, housing diversity, and transportation options.   more info >

Older Adults and Technology Use: Adoption is Increasing, but Many Seniors Remain Isolated from Digital Life
Pew Research Center, April 2014, 27 pp.
A look at older adults' technology adoption.   more info >

Focusing on our growing senior population
League of Minnesota Cities, January 2009, 16 pp.
Looks at the effect of the growing senior population on city services and city employment and how to conduct a citizen dialogue to get their input on addressing the issues.   more info >

Great expectations: Boomers and the future of volunteering
VolunteerMatch, May 2008, 55 pp.
Characteristics of the first wave of boomers and their views on volunteering, challenges and opportunities in engaging older volunteers.   more info >

Boomers are ready for nonprofits: But are nonprofits ready for them?
The Conference Board, June 2007, 47 pp.
Discusses the impact of the aging workforce on nonprofit talent and skill needs, the challenges and opportunities involved in retaining and recruiting mature workes, and recommended actions and best practices underway in the nonprofit sector.   more info >

The civic engagement of Baby Boomers: Preparing for a new wave of volunteers
Wilder Research, April 2007, 83 pp.
A study on the civic engagement of Baby Boomers in Saint Paul, Minnesota.   more info >

The health benefits of volunteering: A review of recent research
Corporation for National & Community Service, April 2007, 20 pp.
Studies showing that volunteering leads to improved physical and mental health.   more info >

Keeping Baby Boomers Volunteering: A Research Brief on Volunteer Retention and Turnover
Corporation for National & Community Service, March 2007, 24 pp.
Uses data on Baby Boomer volunteer habits to come up with recommendations on how nonprofits can better retain older adults as volunteers.   more info >

Volunteer management capacity in America's charities and congregations: A briefing report
The Urban Institute, March 2004, 24 pp.
Results of a national study of volunteer management capacity among charities and congregations. It highlights the potential for organizations to use more volunteers, some challenges in doing so, and capacity-building options to reduce the hurdles.   more info >

Reinventing Aging: Baby Boomers and Civic Engagement
Harvard School of Public Health - MetLife Foundation Initiative on Retirement and Civic Engagement, January 2004
Examines the possibility and potential impact of a national effort to mobilize Baby Boomers to contribute their time, skills and experience to address community problems.   more info >

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