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The Livability Economy: People, Places, and Prosperity
AARP, July 2015, 28 pp.
This report shows how livability initiatives contribute to improved economic performance and a more vibrant, desirable, and competitive environment for housing and commercial investment. The framework of the report focuses on design factors that feature four livability outcomes that benefit older adults and people of all ages, including compactness, integration of land uses, housing diversity, and transportation options.   more info >

Creating Age-Friendly Communities
Wilder Research, May 2015, 88 pp.
An assessment of the needs of aging residents in southwest Minnesota for the Southwest Initiative Foundation.   more info >

Expanding Transportation Options for an Aging Population
US Department of Housing & Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, November 2013, 1 pp.
Discusses the transportation needs of older adults, including challenges to ensuring that seniors can get around and planning and design strategies.   more info >

Weaving It Together: A Tapestry of Transportation Funding for Older Adults
AARP Public Policy Institute, April 2013, 92 pp.
This report provides insight into how transportation services for older adults and persons with disabilities are funded. With a growing population in need of transportation and limited funds for these services, providers can work to creatively leverage existing and untapped funding sources to fill gaps in service. The report includes seven case studies of local providers from around the country to illustrate how they combine federal, state, and local funding to put quality service on the street.   more info >

2012 Transit Report: A Guide to Minnesota's Public Transit Systems
Minnesota Department of Transportation, February 2013, 148 pp.
This annual report includes a fact sheet on every state-supported public transit system in Minnesota and highlights major accomplishments; financial and operational statistics; and trends in service levels, service costs, and ridership, and funding.   more info >

Hennepin County Aging Initiative, Community Focus Group Project: What are Older Adults Thinking About the Next 15 Years?
Hennepin County, May 2012, 90 pp.
Focus groups were held with Hennepin County residents age 55-65 to gather information about how they see their lives and their expectations for health care, housing, transportation and other services in the next fifteen years.   more info >

Aging in Place: A State Survey of Livability Policies and Practices
National Conference of State Legislatures; AARP Public Policy Institute, December 2011, 84 pp.
This report provides state legislators and officials concrete examples of state laws, policies and programs that foster aging in place. It focuses specifically on land use, transportation and housing strategies that help older adults age in their communities.   more info >

North Dakota Transportation Survey: Aging and Mobility
Small Urban & Rural Transit Cente, Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, December 2009, 65 pp.
To investigate issues of aging and mobility and other concerns of older adults, the AARP conducted a survey of its North Dakota members. This study analyzes the results from the transportation section of the AARP survey. Specific objectives are to determine how informed and satisfied older adults are with their transportation options, if lack of transportation limits the trips they make, what improvements they would like to see made for them to stay in their neighborhood as they age, and what problems they encounter with using public transportation.   more info >

Preserving affordability and access in livable communities: subsidized housing opportunities near transit and the 50+ population
AARP Public Policy Institute, September 2009, 117 pp.
This study analyzed the location of affordable housing in 20 metropolitan areas across the United States, including Minneapolis/St. Paul, measuring the amount of that housing within certain distances of transit.   more info >

Traffic Safety Facts 2007: Older Population
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, July 2007, 6 pp.
This fact sheet focuses on traffic safety within the older population in the United States, which includes all people age 65 and older. Older drivers made up 15 percent of all licensed drivers in 2006.   more info >

The Transportation Needs of Seniors
University of Minnesota Center for Transportation Studies, January 2007, 182 pp.
Examines the transportation needs of older adults in Hennepin County based on a survey of existing travel behavior and unmet needs.   more info >

Livable Communities: An Evaluation Guide
AARP, January 2005, 162 pp.
Guide to help community members assess the capacity of their community to meet the needs of older adults. Provides guidance on conducting a community survey to measure community livability, includes innovative ideas and success stories from communities throughout the U.S., and suggests additional resources. Topics include transportation, safety, housing, health services, and more.   more info >

Improving Transportation Services for Disadvantaged Populations
Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, December 2003, 109 pp.
A report from the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Minnesota which seeks to understand and improve the transportation services that are available to people who, because of age, disability, poverty, or other reasons, cannot routinely use automobiles to transport themselves.  Particular consideration is given to community-based transportation services.   more info >

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