Ideas at work

Find initiatives and collaborations working to support, share, or strengthen arts and culture at the state or regional level; and learn about effective strategies for action.

Initiatives and collaborations

Artist Neighborhood Partnership Initiative (CURA)
Provides small grants to artists working in communities of color and/or low-income communities in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding suburbs.

Creative Exchange
Powered by Springboard for the Arts, provides an online platform for artists, organizations, and community leaders to share practical resources, ideas, and toolkits for creative projects that aim to shape our communities.

Creative Minnesota
A collaboration of Minnesota nonprofit arts organizations working to contribute to Minnesota’s artistic vibrancy by developing and providing access to key data that describe the art and culture economy in Minnesota.

Metropolitan Regional Arts Council
Aims to integrate arts into the social fabric of in the 7-county metropolitan area by providing information and grant funding to artists and art organizations

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
Advocates statewide to ensure that all Minnesotans have access and involvement in the arts by working to build a cultural infrastructure in by securing state arts funding, supporting policies that benefit arts philanthropy and nonprofit organizations, and ensuring adequate arts education in Minnesota schools.

Minnesota Humanities Center
Aims to bring together all Minnesotans to provide a deeper understanding of each other and our intersection with the arts, history, philosophy, ethics, and law.

Minnesota Legacy Amendment
Established in 2008 as part of a Legacy Amendment to Minnesota’s constitution, the Art and Cultural Heritage Fund provides consistent, stable funding for 25 years to preserve arts and cultural heritage, as well as Minnesota’s environment. A portion of these funds are available through grant programs.

Minnesota State Arts Board
Supports artistic expression, creation, and appreciation throughout Minnesota.

Springboard for the Arts
Serves as an economic and community development organization for artists and by artists working to provide artists with skills to support themselves through art-making and to connect their art to local community issues. Provides grant funding, professional growth guidance, job board, housing support, and information to navigate health care needs.

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