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Community-based Arts Organizations: A New Center of Gravity
Americans for the Arts, December 2009, 28 pp.
Amid changing demographics, a new political climate, technological advances, and globalization, small and mid-sized community-based arts organizations offer artistic excellence and innovation, leadership connected to community needs, and important institutional and engagement models for the arts field. This essay underscores the contributions of this segment of cultural organizations in the cultural ecosystem and toward achieving healthy communities and a healthy democracy.   more info >

Cultural Development and City Neighborhoods
Urban Institute, August 2009, 10 pp.
Cities around the world are building cultural life as a way to develop local economies and revitalize urban centers, but have done less to recognize and promote the cultural lives of urban neighborhoods and their residents. This brief examines four characteristics of city cultural policy that affect cultural development and cultural life in neighborhoods.   more info >

Web sites

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
This site shares information on state arts agency programs and links to useful arts participation research, as well as resources that can help to widen access to the arts for all populations    more info >

Grantmakers in the Arts
Grantmakers in the Arts is a national association of both public and private arts and culture funders in the U.S. This website offers resources on arts funding topics such as arts education, arts and aging, and support for artists.   more info >

DataArts, formerly the Cultural Data Project, is an online financial management, data collection, and research tool designed to strengthen the arts and cultural sector. Resources include recent research and articles relevant to the value and impact of the arts.   more info >

National Arts Administration and Policy Publications Database (NAAPPD)
This database is a tool that enables users to access current and historical information on topics related to arts administration and policy. It contains over 7,000 records—providing arts administrators, policy researchers, and advocates with comprehensive information on arts policy and practice and arts administration resources and best practices.   more info >

National Art Education Association
This site compiles research on the impact of the arts in education and provides a clearinghouse and review of state policies for arts education for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.   more info >

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