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Art as Intervention: Evaluation of a Trauma-Informed Creative Arts Program for Young Children
Wilder Research, September 2016, 28 pp.
Children's Theatre Company developed a series of trauma-informed creative arts workshops to help children experiencing toxic stress develop social emotional skills and resilience. They worked with early childhood organizations to implement the workshops with young children. The evaluation looks at early impacts of the program, promising practices, and lessons learned.   more info >

Preparing Students for the Next America: The Benefits of an Art Education
Arts Education Partnership, April 2016, 6 pp.
This research bulletin offers an evidenced-based snapshot of how the arts support achievement in school while bolstering the skills demanded of a 21st century workforce and enrich the lives of young people and communities.   more info >

The Arts in Early Childhood: Social and Emotional Benefits of Arts Participation
National Endowment for the Arts, December 2015, 32 pp.
This report is a literature review and gap-analysis of recent research about the arts’ relationship to social-emotional benefits in early childhood. It includes participation in music-based activities, drama/theater, and visual arts and crafts, and covers the period from 2000 to 2015.   more info >

The Educational Value of Field Trips
Education Next, September 2013, 9 pp.
This study reports on the first large-scale, randomized-control trial measuring the educational value of school field trips. It suggests that even a single visit to an art museum has positive lasting effects, particularly among students in rural or high-poverty schools who may lack regular exposure to culturally enriching experiences.   more info >

Arts Education in Public Elemantary and Secondary Schools, 1999-2000 and 2009-10
National Center for Education Statistics, April 2012, 126 pp.
This report presents selected findings from a congressionally mandated study on arts education in public K–12 schools. It provides national data about arts education for public elementary and secondary schools, elementary classroom teachers, and elementary and secondary music and visual arts specialists.   more info >

The Arts and Achievement in At-Risk Youth: Findings from Four Longitudnal Studies
National Endowment for the Arts, March 2012, 28 pp.
This report examines the academic and civic behavior outcomes of teenagers and young adults who have engaged deeply with the arts in or out of school. Results show that students of low socioeconomic status who have a history of in-depth arts involvement show better academic outcomes than do low-SES youth who have less arts involvement, earning better grades and demonstrating higher rates of college enrollment and attainment.   more info >

Age and Arts Participation: A Case Against Demographic Destiny
National Endowment for the Arts, February 2011, 80 pp.
This report provides an analysis of the relationship between age and arts participation in the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts data for 1982, 1992, 2002, and 2008. It concludes that age and year of birth are poor predictors of arts participation and that the age distribution of art-goers now generally mirrors that of the U.S. adult population.   more info >

Arts Education in America : What the Declines Mean for Arts Participation
National Endowment for the Arts, February 2011, 58 pp.
This report investigates the relationship between arts education and arts participation. It also examines long-term declines in Americans' reported rates of arts learning in creative writing, music, and the visual arts, among other disciplines, finding that the declines are not distributed evenly across all racial and ethnic groups.   more info >

Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement
National Assembly of State Art Agencies, November 2006, 24 pp.
This report explores how the study of arts contributes to student achievement and success. It reports on the multiple benefits associated with students' learning experiences in the arts, making the case for the arts based on sound educational research.   more info >

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This website is s a clearinghouse of research on the outcomes of arts education for students and educators, both during and outside the school day, to inform policy and practices in raising student achievement, supporting educators, transforming the learning environment and building capacity.   more info >

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