Reports: Attending and participating in the arts

The Engagement Revoluation: A Study of Strategic Organizational Transformation in 10 California Arts Nonprofits
The James Irvine Foundation, October 2017, 71 pp.
To stay relevant to changing communities, many arts organizations have been designing programs to reach a broader range of people and involve them actively in how art is made and experienced. This evaluation documents the efforts of 10 arts nonprofit organizations in California to improve and sustain their reach and relevance to ethnically diverse or low-income audiences.   more info >

Interact Center for the Visual and Performing Arts
Wilder Research, May 2017, 4 pp.
Interact is a theater and visual arts organization that works with people with disabilities. They worked with Wilder Research to develop a theory of change for Interact's model of making art and an evaluation and replication framework.   more info >

The Cultural Lives of Californians: Insights from the California Survey of Arts & Cultural Participation
NORC at the University of Chicago, May 2015, 67 pp.
This report presents findings from the California Survey of Arts & Cultural Participation, helping to reframe the conversation about arts participation. Data from the survey challenges the notion that arts participation is in decline, instead suggesting that Californians are engaging in art in new ways and places — a reflection of emerging technologies, expectations, and cultural norms.   more info >

When Going Gets Tough: Barriers and Motivations Affecting Arts Attendance​
National Endowment for the Arts, January 2015, 62 pp.
This report examines demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of adults who attended visual and performing arts activities in 2012, but unlike prior NEA research it offers in-depth perspectives on attitudes, motivations, and barriers concerning arts attendance. Based on a NEA module to the 2012 General Social Survey (GSS).   more info >

A Closer Look at Arts Engagement in California: Insights from the NEA's Survey of Public Participation in the Arts
NORC at the University of Chicago, January 2015, 45 pp.
This report seeks to understand what California’s residents do to participate in the arts and, importantly, how that varies across the state’s diverse population. It finds that attendance at arts nonprofit-sponsored events have fallen, and even more so, that a lot of arts audiences don’t reflect California’s diversity in terms of race and ethnicity, income, or education level. At the same time, it found that while Californians are attending traditional arts events less, they are participating in arts in many other new and exciting ways.   more info >

Culture Connects All: Rethinking Audiences in Times of Demographic Change
Partners for Livable Communities, September 2012, 99 pp.
This report considers the ways in which cultural organizations might reach out and connect to two growing populations: older adults and immigrant communities. Specifically, the results of this research call for active and meaningful engagement of these populations not only as audiences but also as active participants involved in shaping the creations, presentation, and advancement of art in society.   more info >

Age and Arts Participation: A Case Against Demographic Destiny
National Endowment for the Arts, February 2011, 80 pp.
This report provides an analysis of the relationship between age and arts participation in the Survey of Public Participation in the Arts data for 1982, 1992, 2002, and 2008. It concludes that age and year of birth are poor predictors of arts participation and that the age distribution of art-goers now generally mirrors that of the U.S. adult population.   more info >

Creativity Matters: Arts and Aging in America
Americans for the Arts, January 2008, 16 pp.
Arts and creativity programs provided by and for older adults are fast becoming accepted for their health, morale, and social benefit. This report provides basic information on current trends and opportunities to integrate creativity and aging.   more info >

Participation in Arts and Culture: The Importance of Community Venues
The Urban Institute, December 2003, 16 pp.   more info >

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