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The Engagement Revoluation: A Study of Strategic Organizational Transformation in 10 California Arts Nonprofits
The James Irvine Foundation, October 2017, 71 pp.
To stay relevant to changing communities, many arts organizations have been designing programs to reach a broader range of people and involve them actively in how art is made and experienced. This evaluation documents the efforts of 10 arts nonprofit organizations in California to improve and sustain their reach and relevance to ethnically diverse or low-income audiences.   more info >

Creative MN: The Impact of Minnesota's Artists, Creative Workers and Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, February 2017, 40 pp.
This report is intended to fill the gaps in available information about Minnesota's cultural field and to improve understanding of its importance to the quality of life and economy of the state. The study includes an in-depth analysis of the economic lives of Minnesota's artists and what they need to build a career and a life in the arts.   more info >

Creating Change through Arts, Culture, and Equitable Development: A Policy and Practice Primer
PolicyLink, February 2017, 64 pp.
Across the United States, growing movements focused on equitable development and community-centered arts and culture are uniting to strengthen the equity impact of their work. This report offers a framework for moving equitable development policy across multiple sectors — aided by and strengthening the use of arts and culture practice.   more info >

Arts and Culture Build Cities: 9 Principles of Ethical Redevelopment
Place Lab, University of Chicago, October 2016, 15 pp.
Place Lab, a joint enterprise between the University of Chicago’s Arts + Public Life initiative and the Harris School of Public Policy, is developing a set of principles drawn from artist-led, neighborhood-based development work happening on Chicago’s South Side. This document is a work in progress, designed to be shared and refined collaboratively with practitioners who believe in spatial equity for cities.   more info >

Diversity in the Arts: The Past, Present, and Future of African American and Latino Museums, Dance Companies, and Theater Companies
DeVos Institute of Arts Management, University of Maryland, September 2016, 58 pp.
This paper explores the historical factors that shaped African American and Latino museums, theaters, and dance companies, and the status of these organizations throughout the United States. It offers suggestions for fostering sustainability among arts organizations of color.   more info >

Does “Strong and Effective” Look Different for Culturally Specific Arts Organizations?
National Center for Arts Research , January 2016, 12 pp.
This report examines the distinguishing characteristics of arts organizations that primarily serve Asian American, African American, and Hispanic/Latino communities. The study is designed to provide insights, based on measurable data, about the operating contexts and unique challenges that these organizations face.   more info >

GRMN Creates: An Arts and Culture Roadmap
Grand Rapids Arts and Culture Commission, April 2015, 88 pp.
This report describes a ten-year strategic plan on ways to support and advance community arts and culture in Grand Rapids, MN. It identifies local needs and opportunities, matching those ideas with best practices from across the country on how cities of a similar size have used the arts to help grow their economies, enhance their physical environments, and support community development efforts.   more info >

Small is Beautiful: Creative Placemaking in Rural Communities
Grantmakers in the Arts, June 2014, 8 pp.
Creative placemaking can enhance rural communities, promoting economic resilience, fellowship, cultural exchange, and physical revitalization. This article provides case studies of four initiatives, including one in Minnesota, which explore arts and culture-based community and economic development in rural communities.   more info >

The Art of Community: Creativity at the Crossroads of Immigrant Cultures and Social Services
The Institute for Cultural Partnerships, and Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees, July 2013, 36 pp.
This report consists of case studies which show how practicing cultural traditions and participating in arts activities can have a positive impact on the resettlement process and well-being of individuals from immigrant communities.   more info >

Community Arts at Work Across the U.S.
Americans for the Arts, December 2011, 18 pp.
This paper provides snapshots of selected projects showing a range of community arts projects and programs. The examples demonstrate how single projects, repeated community events, and ongoing programmatic and organizational efforts can effect community, civic, or social change.   more info >

Creative Placemaking
National Endowment for the Arts, December 2010, 69 pp.
In creative placemaking, partners from public, private, non-profit and community sectors strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, town, city, or region around arts and cultural activities. This white paper summarizes two decades of creative American placemaking, drawing on original economic research and case studies of pathbreaking initiatives in both metropolitan and rural areas.   more info >

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