Reports: Economic impact of the arts

NCAR Arts Vibrancy Index III: Hotbeds of America's Arts and Culture
National Center for Arts Research, April 2017, 33 pp.
The 2017 NCAR Arts Vibrancy Index ranks the most vibrant arts cities in America. NCAR provides scores for every U.S. county based on measures of arts dollars, arts providers, government support, and socioeconomic and other leisure characteristics.   more info >

Creative MN: The Impact of Minnesota's Artists, Creative Workers and Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, February 2017, 40 pp.
This report is intended to fill the gaps in available information about Minnesota's cultural field and to improve understanding of its importance to the quality of life and economy of the state. The study includes an in-depth analysis of the economic lives of Minnesota's artists and what they need to build a career and a life in the arts.   more info >

The Minneapolis Creative Index 2015: Understanding the Scale and Impact of Minneapolis' Creative Sector
City of Minneapolis’ program on Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, June 2016, 17 pp.
The Creative Vitality Index (CVI) is a tool that measures annual changes in the economic health of highly-creative industries using information about organizational revenue, jobs, and other measures from creative businesses and nonprofits. A 2013 report is also available.   more info >

Cross-Currents: Artists and Manufacturers Strengthening Place
Art-Force, April 2014, 6 pp.
In response to job losses and decreases in state funding for the arts in rural communities, Art-Force explored how connecting artists with manufacturing firms in rural communities could create alternative sources of income for artists and revenue for manufacturers, while also creating a social, artistic and commercial connection to place.   more info >

Arts and Economic Prosperity IV: Economic Impact of the Nonprofit Arts & Culture Industry
Americans for the Arts, June 2012, 378 pp.
This report is a study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry's impact on the economy. It gives a quantifiable economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences. This, the fourth annual report, uses finding from 182 regions across the United States, including the city of Rochester, MN.   more info >

Artists Count: An Economic Impact Study of Artists in Minnesota
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, December 2007, 40 pp.
This study demonstrates the significant economic impact of artists and art organizations in Minnesota. It shows that  Minnesota’s individual artists, arts and culture organizations and for-profit arts industries create over over a billion dollars in annual economic activity for the state, and support over 86,340 jobs.   more info >

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