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Looking Back, Thinking Ahead: Strengthening Minnesota's Public-Policy Process: A Civic Caucus Report
Civic Caucus, November 2016, 27 pp.
This report calls for a renewed commitment to solving public policy challenges. It issues a specific challenge challenge to Minnesota's philanthropic community to take the lead in fostering better study and analysis of community problems and development of better proposals for resolving them.   more info >

2016 Veterans Civic Health Index
National Conference on Citizenship, October 2016, 24 pp.
This report looks at the civic health of America's veteran population. It includes data on volunteerism, engagement with local governments and community organizations, voting, helping neighbors, charitable giving, and more.   more info >

Fusing Arts, Culture and Social Change: High Impact Strategies for Philanthropy
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, September 2016, 44 pp.
This report outlines compelling demographic, aesthetic and economic reasons for foundations to rethink their grantmaking practices to stay current with changes in the cultural sector and to continue to be relevant to the evolving needs of our communities. It considers how foundations that invest in the arts can make fairness and equity core principles of grantmaking by prioritizing underserved communities and investing in community organizing and civic engagement work in the arts and culture sector.   more info >

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief 2015: Public Charities, Giving, and Volunteering
Urban Institute, October 2015, 16 pp.
Provides a profile of nonprofits and information on private charitable contributions and volunteering.   more info >

Minnesota Nonprofit Economy Report
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, October 2014, 28 pp.
Annual report providing employment and and financial data for nonprofit organizations statewide and in six Minnesota regions.   more info >

Giving in Minnesota
Minnesota Council on Foundations, October 2014, 43 pp.
An annual comprehensive analysis of the trends and patterns of giving by organized philanthropy in Minnesota.   more info >

Facing Race: A Renewed Commitment to Racial Equity
Minnesota Philanthropy Partners, October 2013, 30 pp.
The Saint Paul Foundation and Minnesota Community Foundation commissioned a racial equity task force that was charged with creating a racial equity framework. The foundations will use this framework to promote racial equity in Minnesota.   more info >

Millennials Civic Health Index
National Conference on Citizenship, February 2013, 24 pp.
Provides a profile of young Americans age 18 to 29 and looks at their civic engagement.   more info >

Outlook Report
Minnesota Council on Foundations, January 2013, 8 pp.
Annual survey of Minnesota grantmakers to assess the outlook for grantmaking. The survey asks grantmakers to predict their annual giving.   more info >

Rural Minnesota Journal: Who lives in rural Minnesota, A region in transition
Center For Rural Policy and Development, December 2012
Journal that focuses on rural Minnesota. Includes articles that look at the demographic profile of rural Minnesota, rural volunteers, aging Baby Boomers, community leadership, philanthropy, and skills shortages and regional economies.   more info >

Nonprofit Current Conditions Report
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, July 2010, 6 pp.
A survey of Minnesota nonprofit managers, focusing on how the economy affected their operations and programs. The survey was conducted four times between 2008 and 2010.   more info >

Strengthening democracy, increasing opportunities: Impacts of advocacy, organizing, and civic engagement in Minnesota
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, September 2009, 80 pp.
Documents the impacts of advocacy, community organizing, and civic engagement in Minnesota. It suggests that the foundation community can strengthen its programmatic work by funding advocacy and demonstrates that philanthropic investments in policy engagement bring financial and social benefits to residents.   more info >

New Opportunities
Annie E. Casey Foundation, July 2008, 14 pp.
This report was prepared by the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Family Economic Success unit and provides insights into emerging trends that will affect the foundation's work in the years to come. The report summarizes FES's findings, outlines key issues and concerns, and identifies strategies that Casey and the broader philanthropic community might consider in the years ahead.   more info >

Working towards diversity III: A Progress report on strategies for inclusiveness among Minnesota grantmakers
Minnesota Council on Foundations, June 2005, 43 pp.
Five-year benchmark study highlighting changes in the field as they relate to inclusive practices among Minnesota foundations and corporate giving programs.   more info >

Looking out for the future: An orientation for twenty-first century philanthropists
Monitor Company Group, January 2005, 85 pp.
A practical guide to enable better philanthropic decisions and ensure available resources are used in the best possible way.   more info >

The business of giving back: 2002 survey of business giving and community involvement
Wilder Research, November 2002, 80 pp.
A statewide survey gives insight into the state of local business giving and community involvement. Sponsored by the Building Business Investment in Community initiative, collaborative group of 14 philanthropic and business organizations.   more info >

Web sites

Minnesota Council on Foundations
Information on grantmakers, focus areas of giving, grant writing, and more.   more info >

Grantmaker Ratings
A list of grantmaker rankings, including information on grants and assets, of Minnesota's largest foundations and corporate giving programs.   more info >

Grantmakers in the Arts
Grantmakers in the Arts is a national association of both public and private arts and culture funders in the U.S. This website offers resources on arts funding topics such as arts education, arts and aging, and support for artists.   more info >

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