Reports: Policy and advocacy

Beyond Urban Versus Rural: Understanding American Political Geography in 2016
Carsey School of Public Policy, University of New Hampshire, June 2017, 4 pp.
This brief presents research that shows the complex variations in voting patterns in both urban and rural places, examining patterns over the last five presidential elections, treating rural-urban differences as a continuum, not a dichotomy.   more info >

Looking Back, Thinking Ahead: Strengthening Minnesota's Public-Policy Process: A Civic Caucus Report
Civic Caucus, November 2016, 27 pp.
This report calls for a renewed commitment to solving public policy challenges. It issues a specific challenge challenge to Minnesota's philanthropic community to take the lead in fostering better study and analysis of community problems and development of better proposals for resolving them.   more info >

2016 Veterans Civic Health Index
National Conference on Citizenship, October 2016, 24 pp.
This report looks at the civic health of America's veteran population. It includes data on volunteerism, engagement with local governments and community organizations, voting, helping neighbors, charitable giving, and more.   more info >

Red Rural, Blue Rural: Rural Does Not Always Equal Republican
Carsey School of Public Policy, August 2015, 2 pp.
Voting data for nearly 9,000 rural residents is analyzed in this fact sheet. Voting trends indicate that while Republican presidential candidates have generally done well in rural America, there are enclaves of Democratic support that may have significant impact on tightly contested elections.   more info >

Seven Ways to Engage Teens in Civic Problem-Solving Online
Citizens League, January 2011, 15 pp.
Suggestions from teens on civic engagement.   more info >

Nonprofit Current Conditions Report
Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, July 2010, 6 pp.
A survey of Minnesota nonprofit managers, focusing on how the economy affected their operations and programs. The survey was conducted four times between 2008 and 2010.   more info >

Strengthening democracy, increasing opportunities: Impacts of advocacy, organizing, and civic engagement in Minnesota
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, September 2009, 80 pp.
Documents the impacts of advocacy, community organizing, and civic engagement in Minnesota. It suggests that the foundation community can strengthen its programmatic work by funding advocacy and demonstrates that philanthropic investments in policy engagement bring financial and social benefits to residents.   more info >

Civic Confidence Survey
Metropolitan State University, April 2009, 8 pp.
This survey measures attitudes of residents in the seven-county, Twin Cities area toward government services. It focuses on citizens’ views of government services and employees, ethics of elected officials, major issues facing government, the regional economy and community connections.   more info >

The Shared Fortunes of Cities and Suburbs
Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, July 2005, 60 pp.
Federal Reserve Bank examination of the main forces that have influenced the growth of cities and suburbs over the past century. The article finds that cooperation, rather than competition, between cities and suburbs make metro areas attractive and productive places to live and work.   more info >

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