Reports: Volunteerism and community service

2016 Veterans Civic Health Index
National Conference on Citizenship, October 2016, 24 pp.
This report looks at the civic health of America's veteran population. It includes data on volunteerism, engagement with local governments and community organizations, voting, helping neighbors, charitable giving, and more.   more info >

Association of volunteering with mental well-being: a lifecourse analysis of a national population-based longitudinal study in the UK
BMJ Open, August 2016
The association of volunteering with well-being has been found in previous research, but mostly among older people. This study examines the association of volunteering with mental well-being across the life course, and finds that those who engage in volunteering regularly appear to experience higher levels of mental well-being than those who never volunteer.   more info >

Speaking for Ourselves: A Study with Immigrant and Refugee Communities in the Twin Cities
Wilder Research, April 2016, 383 pp.
The Speaking for Ourselves survey asked immigrants and refugees living in the Twin Cities about their perceptions and experiences related to education, transportation, housing, public health, safety, employment, finances, community and social engagement, and the immigrant experience.   more info >

Volunteering and Civic Life in America
Corporation for National and Community Service, December 2015
A comprehensive look at volunteering and civic life. Provides national, state, and large city data.   more info >

The Nonprofit Sector in Brief 2015: Public Charities, Giving, and Volunteering
Urban Institute, October 2015, 16 pp.
Provides a profile of nonprofits and information on private charitable contributions and volunteering.   more info >

Latinos Civic Health Index
Tufts University; National Conference on Citizenship, August 2015, 36 pp.
This report shows that Latino youth are at the forefront of increasing civic engagement within their communities. While overall Latino civic participation rates are lower than the rest of the population, improved educational opportunities, English language proficiency, and a higher than average rate of social media usage create increased avenues for youth engagement.   more info >

Connecting Youth and Strengthening Communities: The Data Behind CIvic Engagement and Economic Opportunity
Opportunity Nation, September 2014, 36 pp.
This report examines the relationship between civic engagement and economic opportunity in the United States, in particular how volunteerism and group membership may build social capital for youth, promote upward mobility and contribute to a range of positive outcomes that benefit both the individual and the community.   more info >

America's Young Adults: Special Issue, 2014
Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, July 2014, 100 pp.
Detailed report that provides data on young adults, ages 18-24. Includes demographic characteristics, living situation, and overall well-being.   more info >

Status of Women and Girls in Minnesota: Research Overview
Women's Foundation of Minnesota and Center on Women & Public Policy, June 2014, 20 pp.
Biennial report that provides health, safety, economic and leadership data on women and girls in Minnesota.   more info >

State of Black America
National Urban League, April 2014
Annual report presenting the National Urban League's Equality Index. Focuses on unemployment and income equality, but also includes measures of education, health, civic engagement, housing, transportation, and public safety for Hispanic, Black, and White populations. Includes metropolitan area rankings of unemployment and income equality. Requires a free registration to download full reports.   more info >

Volunteering as a Pathway to Employment: Does Volunteering Increase Odds of Finding a Job for the Out of Work?
Corporation for National and Community Service, June 2013, 36 pp.
Government leaders, nonprofits, and news media have long provided anecdotal evidence that volunteering can increase employment prospects by helping job seekers learn new skills, expand their networks, and take on leadership roles. This report provides evidence of a relationship between volunteering and finding employment in the United States.   more info >

Millennials Civic Health Index
National Conference on Citizenship, February 2013, 24 pp.
Provides a profile of young Americans age 18 to 29 and looks at their civic engagement.   more info >

Rural Minnesota Journal: Who lives in rural Minnesota, A region in transition
Center For Rural Policy and Development, December 2012
Journal that focuses on rural Minnesota. Includes articles that look at the demographic profile of rural Minnesota, rural volunteers, aging Baby Boomers, community leadership, philanthropy, and skills shortages and regional economies.   more info >

National service in Minnesota
Corporation for National and Community Service, February 2012, 8 pp.
This report presents participation data for Senior Corps, Americorps, and Learn and Serve programs in the state. Full reports from previous years are also available.   more info >

A Tale of Two Cities: Civic Health in Miami and Minneapolis-St. Paul
National Conference on Citizenship, January 2011, 39 pp.
Compares civic engagement in the Twin Cities compared to Miami, the highest and lowest ranked areas in the nation. It provides data on volunteering, voting, membership in voluntary groups, helping neighbors, use of the news media, and discussion of current events.   more info >

Soul of the Community: St. Paul, MN
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, November 2010, 20 pp.
This study was conducted over three years in 26 cities across the United States where Knight Foundation is active. It was designed to find out what emotionally attaches people to a community and what makes them want to put down roots and build a life there.   more info >

Soul of the Community: Duluth, MN
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, November 2010, 22 pp.
The goal of the Knight Foundation-Gallup Soul of the Community project is to explore how community qualities influence residents' feelings about where they live, and how those perceptions relate to local economic growth and vitality.   more info >

Relationships matter: Volunteerism in immigrant communities
Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration, March 2010, 40 pp.
This report details the findings and recommendations from a three year project that explored how volunteerism is perceived within immigrant communities, and the struggle of nonprofit organizations to successfully connect with them.   more info >

Volunteering in Minnesota
Corporation for National & Community Service, July 2009, 1 pp.
Brief snapshot of volunteerism in Minnesota.   more info >

Volunteering in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Corporation for National & Community Service, August 2008, 1 pp.
Quick facts about volunteerism in the Twin Cities.   more info >

Great expectations: Boomers and the future of volunteering
VolunteerMatch, May 2008, 55 pp.
Characteristics of the first wave of boomers and their views on volunteering, challenges and opportunities in engaging older volunteers.   more info >

Volunteering in America: 2007 city trends and rankings
Corporation for National and Community Service, July 2007, 77 pp.
Reports state-by-state volunteer trends highlighting the diversity of volunteering habits and trends in America's largest cities. At just over 40%, the Twin Cities ranks number 1 for rate of volunteering.   more info >

Boomers are ready for nonprofits: But are nonprofits ready for them?
The Conference Board, June 2007, 47 pp.
Discusses the impact of the aging workforce on nonprofit talent and skill needs, the challenges and opportunities involved in retaining and recruiting mature workes, and recommended actions and best practices underway in the nonprofit sector.   more info >

The civic engagement of Baby Boomers: Preparing for a new wave of volunteers
Wilder Research, April 2007, 83 pp.
A study on the civic engagement of Baby Boomers in Saint Paul, Minnesota.   more info >

The health benefits of volunteering: A review of recent research
Corporation for National & Community Service, April 2007, 20 pp.
Studies showing that volunteering leads to improved physical and mental health.   more info >

Keeping Baby Boomers Volunteering: A Research Brief on Volunteer Retention and Turnover
Corporation for National & Community Service, March 2007, 24 pp.
Uses data on Baby Boomer volunteer habits to come up with recommendations on how nonprofits can better retain older adults as volunteers.   more info >

Volunteer management capacity in America's charities and congregations: A briefing report
The Urban Institute, March 2004, 24 pp.
Results of a national study of volunteer management capacity among charities and congregations. It highlights the potential for organizations to use more volunteers, some challenges in doing so, and capacity-building options to reduce the hurdles.   more info >

50+ volunteering: Working for stronger communities
Points of Light Foundation, January 2004, 24 pp.
Highlights innovative programs and strategies for engaging baby boomer and older adult volunteers.   more info >

Reinventing Aging: Baby Boomers and Civic Engagement
Harvard School of Public Health - MetLife Foundation Initiative on Retirement and Civic Engagement, January 2004
Examines the possibility and potential impact of a national effort to mobilize Baby Boomers to contribute their time, skills and experience to address community problems.   more info >

The business of giving back: 2002 survey of business giving and community involvement
Wilder Research, November 2002, 80 pp.
A statewide survey gives insight into the state of local business giving and community involvement. Sponsored by the Building Business Investment in Community initiative, collaborative group of 14 philanthropic and business organizations.   more info >

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