close the gap

The Itasca project, led by chief executive officers from major Minnesota corporations, commissioned a study to research the impact of disparities based on race, class, and place in Minnesota. The findings were startling and unsettling.

A number of business and community organizations responded with efforts to address the disparities and "close the gap." One of these efforts was a partnership of Twin Cities Public Television and community organizations to produce a documentary series called Close the Gap. An advisory committee was convened to develop accompanying materials including a training video and companion guide.

close the gap documentary

The documentary is a series of five 30-minute episodes plus a 60 minute retrospective and is available to community members online .

Hear from some of the people behind the development of this documentary.

View documentary

close the gap training video

Learn how you can raise awareness and inspire action to end disparities in your community.  This half-hour video provides step-by-step guide to leading a training session with a community organization, workplace or neighborhood group. In the video, trainer Elsa Battica demonstrates how to incorporate the Close the Gap video and training guide into a fruitful discussion though both small group and large group activities.

get involved

This short clip shows how others are taking action on closing the gap.

Companion Guide

Close the Gap guide

Use this companion discussion guide to join a grassroots effort to both raise awareness and take action for change that can make a lasting difference. The guide includes discussion questions for each segment of the documentary series. Download pdf.

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