Reports: Public safety

Race and Wrongful Convictions in the United States
National Registry of Exonerations, March 2017, 37 pp.
African Americans are only 13% of the American population but make up a majority of innocent defendants wrongfully convicted of crimes and later exonerated. This racial disparity is evident in all major crime categories, but this report examines it in the context of the three types of crime that produce the largest numbers of exonerations: murder, sexual assault, and drug crimes.   more info >

Child Welfare Systems are Innovating Ways to Eradicate Racial Patterns of Experience by Families of Color
Center for the Study of Social Policy, March 2015, 76 pp.
Report documenting the efforts underway in 12 states and localities to tackle the enduring problem of African American, Native American and Latino families faring worse than others being served by child welfare systems.   more info >

Status of Women and Girls in Minnesota: Research Overview
Women's Foundation of Minnesota and Center on Women & Public Policy, June 2014, 20 pp.
Biennial report that provides health, safety, economic and leadership data on women and girls in Minnesota.   more info >

State of Black America
National Urban League, April 2014
Annual report presenting the National Urban League's Equality Index. Focuses on unemployment and income equality, but also includes measures of education, health, civic engagement, housing, transportation, and public safety for Hispanic, Black, and White populations. Includes metropolitan area rankings of unemployment and income equality. Requires a free registration to download full reports.   more info >

Back to the Future: Volume 1: Thirty Years of Minnesota Juvenile Justice Data, 1980-2010
Minnesota Department of Public Safety, September 2013, 81 pp.
Minnesota data on juvenile arrest numbers and rates, juvenile court activity, out-of-home placements, and probation. Includes racial disparity data.   more info >

Minnesota child welfare disparities report
Minnesota Department of Human Services, February 2010, 64 pp.
This report presents Minnesota data on child maltreatment reports, out-of-home care, child well-being, and permanency by race and ethnicity.   more info >

Reducing racial disparity in the criminal justice system: A Manual for practitioners and policymakers
The Sentencing Project, January 2008, 74 pp.
Presents information on the causes of disparities in the criminal justice system and examines what actions can be taken among criminal justice professionals to reduce disparities at each decision point in the system. The report includes best practices from the field, including two from Minnesota, that have been demonstrated through empirical analysis to show promising results in reducing disparities.   more info >

Pathways to juvenile detention reform
Annie E. Casey Foundation, January 1999, 32 pp.
A series of reports that provides information for understanding and implementing juvenile detention reform.   more info >

Web sites

Burns Institute for Juvenile Justice Fairness & Equity
Presents data on disparities in the juvenile justice system. Data are available by state.   more info >

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