Reports: Transportation

2017 Transit Infrastructure Report Card
American Society of Civil Engineers, December 2017, 5 pp.
The report examines transit systems in the United States. Although transit in America continues to grow, carrying 10.5 billion trips in 2015, symptoms of overdue maintenance and underinvestment are clear. While some communities are experiencing a transit boom, many Americans still have inadequate access to public transit.   more info >

State of Black America
National Urban League, April 2014
Annual report presenting the National Urban League's Equality Index. Focuses on unemployment and income equality, but also includes measures of education, health, civic engagement, housing, transportation, and public safety for Hispanic, Black, and White populations. Includes metropolitan area rankings of unemployment and income equality. Requires a free registration to download full reports.   more info >

Healthy, equitable transportation policy: Recommendations and research
PolicyLink, September 2009, 188 pp.
An edited volume of chapters exploring the intersection of transportation, equity, and health. It discusses the health effects of various transportation choices; the link between transportation, economic development and health; traffic injury prevention; and policy solutions.   more info >

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