Reports: Return on investment

Investing Early: Taking Stock of Outcomes and Economic Returns from Early Childhood Programs
Rand Corporation, January 2017, 323 pp.
This report examines a set of evaluations that meet criteria for scientific rigor and synthesizes their results to better understand the outcomes, costs, and benefits of early childhood programs. The authors focus on evaluations of 115 early childhood programs serving children or parents of children from the prenatal period to age 5.   more info >

Return on Investment in the Jeremiah Program
Wilder Research, April 2014, 31 pp.
The Jeremiah Program provides supportive housing and services to break the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children. Wilder Research conducted a social return on investment (ROI) analysis of the program to estimate the economic value of the outcomes of the program compared to the associated investments.   more info >

Early Childhood Education as an Essential Component of Economic Development: With Reference to the New England States
Political Economy Research Institute, January 2013, 39 pp.
Discusses research findings on early childhood education programs and discusses how the universal provision of high quality early childhood education programs can make significant positive contributions to economic development, as well as general social well-being.   more info >

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