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Emerging Measures

The 2018 Risk, Reach, and Resilience report provides data at the state level, as available, and research information on how the following emerging risk, reach, and resilience indicators affect child development. It also includes the rationale for adding three indicators of resilience.

The emerging indicators are:

  • Risk:  Maternal depression, substance use by parents and related fetal and early childhood health issues, parental incarceration, housing cost burden and homelessness, food insecurity
  • Reach: Dental and oral health check-ups, mental health consultation to child care programs, early learning scholaships
  • Resilience: Positive social and instrumental support, healthy attachment relationships, father involvement
See more information about emerging indicators in the report here:

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The 2018 Minnesota Early Childhood Risk, Reach, and Resilience report was produced by a partnership of Wilder Research; Institute of Child Development, University of Minnesota; and the Minnesota Departments of Education, Health, and Human Services, supported by a grant from the Irving Harris Foundation to the University of Minnesota


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