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STEM white papers on racial, income, and gender disparities are now available

Research papers focused on disparities augment the STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) information on this site. The papers, developed by Wilder Research, present data and strategies for addressing racial, income and gender gaps in STEM achievement, college readiness, interest, degree completion, and workforce participation are now in the Compass library.

80+ community leaders attend STEM gathering Dec. 6

Educators, business leaders, and foundation representatives came together to explore STEM benchmarks and measures and to participate in a discussion led by Doug Paulson, Minnesota Department of Education to move research to action.

A presentation by Compass Researcher Allison Liuzzi highlighted three stories about Minnesota's future workforce that emerge from the data. The first story, around STEM employment looked at Minnesota’s STEM workforce projections and compared them with the number of degrees and certifications awarded in STEM occupations to see how closely they aligned. The second story highlighted racial gaps, and where they are found along the STEM cradle-to-career continuum. Of particular interest in this story is that there are much wider racial gaps in achievement levels than interest levels. The final story centered on gender gaps, with Allison noting the gaps are small along most of the continuum, but do emerge with career choices.


PresentersPresenters Lisa Schlosser, Thompson Reuters; Paul Mattessich, Wilder Research; Doug Paulson, Department of Education; Joe Alfano, Minneapolis Public Schools; Steve Walvig, SciMathMN; Caryn Mohr, Wilder Research; Anne Hornickel, U of MN; Marilee Grant, Boston Scientific; Allison Liuzzi, Wilder Research

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