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Find initiatives and collaborationsworking on improving Minnestoa's environment and learn about effective strategies for action.

Initiatives and collaborations

Alliance for Metropolitan Stability
Promotes equitable economic development, affordable housing, public accountability in urban planning, and environmentally responsible growth patterns.

Conservation Minnesota
Formerly the League of Minnesota Conservation Voters. Informs voters on issues related to conservation of land and water, provides tools to work with elected officials on conservation issues.

Center for Energy and Environment
A nonprofit organization that works to promote public interest through the responsible and efficient use of natural and economic resources.

Embrace Open Space
Acollaborative among Twin Cities organizations concerned about protecting open space in our region.

Envision Minnesota
Promotes development that creates healthy communities while conserving natural areas, family farms, woodlands, and water.

Eureka Recycling
One of the largest nonprofit recycles in the U.S. and a leader in demonstrating the best waste reduction and recycling practices not only for the Twin Cities metro area, but for the nation.

Minneapolis Public Schools Goes Green
District students, teachers, parents, staff and community volunteers have made great strides in the past few years towards “greening” our schools.

Minnesota Food Association
Works to build a more sustainable food system by growing and distributing food, bringing new farmers into farming, and networking, partnering and sharing with many diverse community-based organizations.

Promotes progressive renewable energy solutions and empowers communities to develop wind energy as an environmentally sustainable, community-owned asset.

Evidence based strategies

These websites identify proven strategies to address this topic area.  Keep in mind that each source differs in their definition of what is "evidence-based" or "proven."

Health-evidence Canada - A registry of systematic reviews on the effectiveness of public health and health promotion interventions. Includes some environmental health interventions.

Healthy San Bernardino County & Healthy Communities Institute - Promising practices database for multiple topic areas.

Red Lodge Clearinghouse - Lessons learned from environmental initiatives.

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