Reports: Sustainable living

2013 Statewide Waste Characterization
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, October 2013, 57 pp.
Results of a statewide study of garbage. The results are intended to help the MPCA and local governments plan their efforts to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills through increased recycling, composting, and waste prevention.   more info >

Minneapolis Living Well sustainability report
City of Minneapolis, June 2011, 32 pp.
Highlights a wide variety of sustainability indicators for the City of Minneapolis. Includes data for 25 different indicators grouped by health, environment and vital community.   more info >

Building environmentally sustainable communities: A Framework for inclusivitiy
Urban Institute, April 2010, 95 pp.
This paper explores the question of what make communities both environmentally sustainable and inclusive. It discusses how the goals of environmental sustainability, access to opportunity, and community inclusion are interconnected, making specific recommendations for federal housing policy and programs.   more info >

Homegrown Minneapolis: Final report presented to the Health, Energy and Environment Committee of the Minneapolis City Council
Minneapolis Department of Health and Family Support, June 2009, 44 pp.
Presents recommendations for the City of Minneapolis to support and expand the local food system. Recommendations are organized into the following categories: Policy, Systems/Tools/Education, Green Jobs, Land Use and Development, and Communications.   more info >

Better by design: An Innovation guide
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, January 2006, 32 pp.
Guide offering a systematic way to weave environmental considerations into product design. Chapters address product life-cycle, inspiration from nature, building a business case, and tools to assist in the development of products designed for the environment.   more info >

The Second Minnesota report card on environmental literacy
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance and Hamline University Center for Global Environmental Education, August 2004, 92 pp.
Results of a survey concerning environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of adults in Minnesota.   more info >

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