Reports: Ecosystems

State of the River Report 2016
Friends of the Mississippi River, National Park Service, September 2016, 52 pp.
This report provides an answer to the question, "So, how is the Mississippi River?" It highlights 14 key indicators of river health, and examines the status and trends of each indicator, as well as strategies for improvement.   more info >

Observations and Recommendations to Reduce Fish and Wildlife Impacts from Oil and Gas Development
North Dakota Chapter of the Wildlife Society, December 2011, 25 pp.
Provides recommendations for a North Dakota state strategy to mitigate environmental impacts from oil and gas development.   more info >

The third Minnesota report card on environmental literacy: A survey of adult environmental knowledge, attitudes and behavior
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, December 2008, 101 pp.
Statewide survey concerning environmental literacy of adults in Minnesota. It asked about knowledge of environmental topics, attitudes toward the environment, and environmental behaviors. Data are compared to data from two previous surveys.   more info >

Minnesota Statewide Conservation and Preservation Plan
University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment and the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources, June 2008, 414 pp.
Charts long-term strategies for addressing critical issues and trends impacting Minnesota’s environment and natural resources. This report provides recommendations in four areas: habitat, land use, transportation, and energy/mercury.   more info >

Growth pressures on on sensitive natural areas in DNR's central region
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Ameregis, January 2006, 48 pp.
Provides an assessment of the implication of growth and development on remaining sensitive natural resource areas in the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Central Region and to identifies reasonable, proactive approaches that might be tried by the DNR and others to conserve resources.   more info >

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