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Return on Investment in the Jeremiah Program
Wilder Research, April 2014, 31 pp.
The Jeremiah Program provides supportive housing and services to break the cycle of poverty for single mothers and their children. Wilder Research conducted a social return on investment (ROI) analysis of the program to estimate the economic value of the outcomes of the program compared to the associated investments.   more info >

2014 State of Black America
National Urban League, April 2014, 236 pp.
Presents the National Urban League's 2014 Equality Index. Focuses on unemployment and income equality, but also includes measures of education, health, civic engagement, housing, transportation, and public safety for Hispanic, Black, and White populations. Includes metropolitan area rankings of unemployment and income equality.   more info >

Out of Reach
Minnesota Housing Partnership, March 2014, 6 pp.
Annual report that looks at rental affordability for the state of Minnesota. Includes data by county.   more info >

Fair Housing and Equity Assessment
Metropolitan Council, January 2014
Information and data about diversity and equity in the Twin Cities. Looks at areas of concentrated poverty and indicators of opportunity.   more info >

Reforming Subsidized Housing Policy in the Twin Cities to Cut Costs and Reduce Segregation
Institute on Metropolitan Opportunity, January 2014, 32 pp.
Examines subsidized housing distribution and costs in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and explores the ways that focusing subsidized housing in Minneapolis and St. Paul has intensified racial segregation and concentrated poverty.   more info >

Homelessness in Minnesota 2012 Study
Wilder Research, December 2013, 67 pp.
Every three years, Wilder Research conducts a statewide survey of people who are homeless or living in temporary housing programs. The study includes counts and estimates of the number of people who are homeless and face-to-face interviews with homeless people throughout Minnesota to better understand the causes and circumstances of homelessness. Also includes reports for the Fargo-Moorhead area, veterans, and other specific populations.   more info >

Heading Home: Minnesota's Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness
Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness, December 2013, 56 pp.
A vision and plan to prevent and end homelessness, including action steps for state agencies and the private sector.   more info >

The Tension in Affordable Housing: Are Current "Best Practices" Enough?
The McKnight Foundation, December 2013, 15 pp.
Discusses the challenges facing Minnesota's affordable housing sector.   more info >

Evidence Matters: Aging in Place
US Department of Housing & Urban Development, Office of Policy Development and Research, September 2013, 32 pp.
This edition of HUD's Evidence Matters publication focuses on aging in place. It includes articles on the trends underpinning the issue and looks at programs and policies for older adults that are accommodating a shift away from institutional living and toward aging in place with supports. Also includes articles that look at efforts to measure health cost savings and examples of community-centered solutions for aging at home.   more info >

Minnesota Housing Baseline Measures Annual Report
The McKnight Foundation and Housing Link, September 2013, 39 pp.
This annual report tracks Minnesota affordable housing statistics, including homeownership, gap financing, funding, ending homelessness, foreclosures, and green housing.   more info >

Web sites

Assets & Opportunity Scorecard
Ranks the 50 states and the District of Columbia on performance measures in the areas of Financial Security, Business Development, Homeownership, Health Care and Education.   more info >

Twin Cities Housing Policy
Tools and resources to inform citizens and assist in advocating for improved affordable housing policy in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.   more info >

HUD Research Library
Includes reports, publications, periodicals, and data from HUD and other sources. Topics include: affordable housing, community development, homelessness, supportive housing, housing statistics, and more.   more info >

National Health Care for the Homeless Council
News, events, research, and advocacy information on health-care issues related to homelessness.   more info >
Online guide to state and local housing policy that provides examples of solutions for expanding the availability of affordable housing. Includes guidance on how to create a comprehensive and effective housing strategy.   more info >

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