Reports: Civic engagement

Characteristics of the U.S. Population by Generational Status: 2013: Current Population Survey Reports
United States Census Bureau, November 2016, 44 pp.
A national look at demographic characteristics, educational attainment, employment, poverty status, homeownership, voting, and other indicators by generation: first generation or foreign born, second generation (at least one foreign-born parent), and third and higher generation (both parents are native born).   more info >

Speaking for Ourselves: A Study with Immigrant and Refugee Communities in the Twin Cities
Wilder Research, April 2016, 383 pp.
The Speaking for Ourselves survey asked immigrants and refugees living in the Twin Cities about their perceptions and experiences related to education, transportation, housing, public health, safety, employment, finances, community and social engagement, and the immigrant experience.   more info >

The Economic Potential of African Immigrants in Minnesota
Concordia University Saint Paul, May 2015, 45 pp.
Focusing on communities along transit corridors in the Twin Cities metro area, this report provides estimates of consumer spending, business activities, and civic contributions of African immigrants. The report helps to address gaps in census and other survey data.   more info >

A Rising Share of the U.S. Black Population is Foreign Born: 9 Percent are Immigrants; and While Most Are from the Caribbean, Africans Drive Recent Growth
Pew Research Center, April 2015, 31 pp.
This report explores the demographic, economic, and geographic characteristics, as well as population trends,of the black foreign-born population in the United States.   more info >

A Community of Contrasts: Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the Midwest, 2012
Asian American Center for Advancing Justice, December 2012, 90 pp.
Profile of Asian Americans in the Midwest, including the Twin Cities area.   more info >

Relationships matter: Volunteerism in immigrant communities
Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration, March 2010, 40 pp.
This report details the findings and recommendations from a three year project that explored how volunteerism is perceived within immigrant communities, and the struggle of nonprofit organizations to successfully connect with them.   more info >

Connecting with our growing immigrant population
League of Minnesota Cities, January 2009, 16 pp.
The effects of a growing immigrant population on city services and employment and how to conduct a citizen dialogue on the issue.   more info >

The vltality of Latino communities in rural Minnesota
The Center for Rural Policy and Development, December 2001, 48 pp.
This report focuses on identifying and measuring specific barriers and supports for community development for Latinos in Greater Minnesota.   more info >

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Diversity, Immigration and Social Capital
Summaries and commentaries on Professor Robert Putnam's research on diversity, social capital and civic engagement.   more info >

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