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Immigration: Changing Minnesota's Landscape

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Minnesota’s immigrant population is growing and transforming communities across Minnesota. Learn about key immigration trends in Minnesota, and listen to a discussion moderated by Dave Peters from Minnesota Public Radio News, with special guests Tim Penny, Marcy Costello, and Don Hickman on:
• How immigration is affecting workforces, school systems, and community life.
• Opportunities and challenges communities face as they become more diverse: lessons learned and success stories.
• How communities can foster an inclusive, welcoming environment and productively address conflicts.


Webinar follow-up
Here is the link to Rochester Diversity Council’s web site to the resource suggested by Tim Penny during the webinar discussion. You will find great resources to help build an inclusive community, including  Myths and Facts about Immigration in the Tools You Can Use section.

We also encourage you to use the information highlighted in this webinar to enlighten people in your communities about the facts around immigration. Feel free to pass on the link to the webcast, and to include links to Compass information that you find most useful in your own web site or blog. Also, stay informed by subscribing to our newsletter from our contact us page.

Responses to questions about data on the Compass site that were not addressed during the webinar are posted below:

Q: Regarding immigrants, you said they were residents, does this mean they live here, or have actually been granted permanent residency from immigration?

A: The Census data that we rely on does not classify residency status, so what you were seeing were counts of ‘foreign born’ persons regardless of whether they have been granted permanent residency.

Q: Our region does not exactly match a MNCompass region. Is it possible to pull data for our 9-county region only?

A: Currently the best way to do that is to build your own region up from the county-level information provided on Compass. For example, you can add up the numbers from a the county-by-county data table showing number of immigrants in each county. For those who are familiar with spreadsheets, this can be sped up by clicking on the ‘view’ button on the upper right of each graph, selecting ‘CSV file’ and then summing the appropriate information once the file opens.

Q: I was looking for information on domestic abuse in MN, but I don't think that is something that has been tracked?  Is it something that could be? 

A: You can find some information about domestic abuse in our state on the more measures page of our Public Safety section. From there you can link to Minnesota’s Office of Justice Programs’ annual fact sheet on domestic violence, the Minnesota Student Survey, which includes information about victimization of adolescents in our state, and the Bureau of Justice statistics, which includes information about reported crimes. Find additional information on family violence in the Compass Library.

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We know that the number of immigrants to Minnesota continues to grow.

We are also aware of the instances of tension and discord between immigrants and native residents. We're told the cure for this tension is bridging the cultural differences.

So just how do we do that? Who has the responsibility for making those connections... the immigrant... the community.... the government or institution that sponsored those immigrants?

Become part of the conversation at MPR News' Insight Now, hosted by Michael Caputo

webinar speakers

Host: Paul Mattessich directs the Compass project and is executive director at Wilder Research.

Immigration trends presenter: Andi Egbert is a Compass project research associate.

Virtual panel:

Moderator Dave Peters directs MPR News' Ground Level, a project covering ways Minnesotans are taking action in response to their communities' challenges.

Marcy Costello, a native of Peru, is a business owner in Lakefield, Minnesota and a board member of the Southwest Initiative Foundation.

Don Hickman is a senior program manager of the Initiative Foundation, which supports efforts in central Minnesota to build and sustain healthy communities. He leads the Foundation's partnership with the Ground Level project.

Tim Penny is CEO and president of the Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation, which advances the region's economic development by investing in emerging businesses and workforces. A Foundation priority is to ensure workforce practices that create a level playing field for all.

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