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Reports: Featured

Adult Criminal Justice: Benefit-Cost Analysis
Minnesota Management and Budget, December 2016, 65 pp.
Minnesota's Department of Corrections and county correction agencies provide a range of services designed to rehabilitate offenders and reduce their likelihood of future criminal activity. Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) conducted benefit-cost analyses of select corrections services in the state.   more info >

Hennepin County Children's Mental Health Collaborative
Wilder Research, September 2016
The Hennepin County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative (HCCMHC) focuses on juvenile justice, uninsured/underinsured youth, primary care, school-based mental health services, parent involvement, culturally-responsive initiatives, early childhood, and parent leadership.   more info >

Minnesota Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity
Voices for Racial Justice, July 2016, 64 pp.
Annual report  that looks at the previous Minnesota legislative session, focusing on advancing racial equity. Individual legislators and the governor are graded on their support for bills to support education equity, health equity, economic and wealth equity, civil rights and criminal justice, and American Indian Tribal Sovereignty.   more info >

Speaking for Ourselves: A Study with Immigrant and Refugee Communities in the Twin Cities
Wilder Research, April 2016, 383 pp.
The Speaking for Ourselves survey asked immigrants and refugees living in the Twin Cities about their perceptions and experiences related to education, transportation, housing, public health, safety, employment, finances, community and social engagement, and the immigrant experience.   more info >

Minnesota Femicide Report
Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women, January 2016, 44 pp.
An annual report of domestic violence homicide statistics in Minnesota.   more info >

Safe Harbor
Wilder Research, December 2015, 13 pp.
With the support of the Women's Foundation of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health, Wilder Research evaluated the implementation of the Safe Harbor Law and No Wrong Door model, which address how children who are exploited for commercial sex are treated.   more info >

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
The Annie E. Casey Foundation, September 2015, 52 pp.
This guide highlights best practices that juvenile justice facilities can implement to advance the safety and well-being of LGBT youth.   more info >

Web sites

The Campbell Collaboration
International collaboration that is compiling a database of effective programs and practices in the areas of crime and justice, education and social welfare.   more info >

Burns Institute for Juvenile Justice Fairness & Equity
Presents data on disparities in the juvenile justice system. Data are available by state.   more info >

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