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Find initiatives and collaborations working on transporation issues and learn about effective strategies for action.

Initiatives and collaborations

Central Corridor Funders Collaborative
Funders working together to support thriving neighborhoods along the Central Corridor.

Central Corridor Partnership
Business-led coalition (representing St. Paul, Midway, and Minneapolis) promotes the funding and development of an improved transit system in the Central Corridor. 

Corridors of Opportunity

Broad-based initiative to accelerate the build out of a regional transit system for the Twin Cities in ways that advance economic development and ensure people of all incomes and backgrounds share in the resulting opportunities.

Transit for Livable Communities
Works to improve the quality of life in Minnesota through a balanced transportation system.

University UNITED
Coalition of Midway businesses and citizens that work to revitalize the University Avenue Corridor.

Evidence based strategies

These websites identify proven strategies to address this topic area.  Keep in mind that each source differs in their definition of what is "evidence-based" or "proven."

Healthy San Bernardino County & Healthy Communities Institute - Promising practices database for multiple topic areas.

Proven Safety Countermeasures - Research-based strategies for reducing fatalities and serious injuries from the Federal Highway Administration.

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