Reports: Other Transportation

State Transportation Statistics
Bureau of Transportation Statistics, U.S. Department of Transportation, July 2014
A reference guide to transportation data by state in the following categories: infrastructure, safety, freight transportation, passenger travel, registered vehicles and vehicle-miles traveled, economy and finance, and energy and environment.   more info >

Aging in Place: A State Survey of Livability Policies and Practices
National Conference of State Legislatures; AARP Public Policy Institute, December 2011, 84 pp.
This report provides state legislators and officials concrete examples of state laws, policies and programs that foster aging in place. It focuses specifically on land use, transportation and housing strategies that help older adults age in their communities.   more info >

The Fix We're in For: The State of Minnesota's Bridges
Transportation for America, September 2011, 20 pp.
A look at the condition of Minnesota bridges, the cost of aging bridges, and recommendations for addressing the issue.   more info >

National rural road safety public opinion survey
Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, June 2010, 174 pp.
Results of a national survey about attitudes of Americans toward rural driving and policies to reduce rural road fatalities. It includes issues such as perceived safety and distracted driving on rural roads versus other roads and public policies that would improve rural road safety.   more info >

Preserving affordability and access in livable communities: subsidized housing opportunities near transit and the 50+ population
AARP Public Policy Institute, September 2009, 117 pp.
This study analyzed the location of affordable housing in 20 metropolitan areas across the United States, including Minneapolis/St. Paul, measuring the amount of that housing within certain distances of transit.   more info >

Transportation as catalyst for community economic development
Center for Transportation Studies, University of Minnesota, December 2007, 168 pp.
This study presents a frameworks and methods for assessing economic development impacts of well-designed transportation projects.  A literature review and on-site inspections of U.S. case studies provide lessons learned, best practices, and metrics for assessing outcomes.   more info >

Tools for mixed-income transit oriented design
Center for Transit Oriented Development, August 2006, 109 pp.
Describes and evaluates tools and strategies that are being used to create mixed-income and affordable housing near transit in regions around the U.S. The first half of the paper explains how these various strategies are being used and the limitations and successes of each, and the second half discusses best practices and provides examples of each.   more info >

Transportation costs and the American dream: Why a lack of transportation choices strains the family budget and hinders home ownership
Surface Transportation Policy Project, July 2003, 4 pp.
Looks at the amount families spend on transportation, including figures for Minneapolis-St. Paul. Discusses the impact on lower-income families and homeownership.   more info >

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