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Most Popular in 2015

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We've added a host of new features and content to the Compass website this year to improve its value for our readers. What information has proven to be the most popular? Communications Manager Nancy Hartzler compiled this list of the top 5 viewed sections. Please let us know what you find most useful on the site (see sidebar).


#1 Minneapolis and Saint Paul Neighborhood profiles

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Always among our most popular sections since it was first introduced in 2011, the neighborhood profiles had a recent surge in viewership with the introduction of the new “Build Your Own Neighborhood tool,” placing it squarely in first place. It you haven’t yet, be sure to check the tool out, along with the tutorial from Ellen Mai on how to get the most from it. For the northern portion of the state, we have the Duluth Neighborhood profiles, also a popular section. Watch for the new Build your own Neighborhood tool for Duluth coming in January. Our geographic profiles overview page also comes in near the top, with links to profiles of all Minnesota’s regions, counties, and cities with populations over 1,000.

#2 Demographics

demographics iconFollowing closely behind is your interest in Minnesota’s demographic trends, especially who lives in our state and data about race. Many of you have also been interested in demographic information throughout the Compass site including our poverty and median income key measures in the Economy section, and population trends in the Children and Youth section. Also popular are the Insight articles on poverty, the millennials, and Minnesota’s aging population.

#3 Immigration

immigration iconEven before the recent national focus on immigration, a high portion of you demonstrated your keen interest in learning more about new Americans in Minnesota including where they are from and how communities can best meet their needs. Top-read pages: The immigration overview page and the profiles for specific immigration groups. The most read Insight article this year was on Minnesota’s Hispanic population, and among the most popular is one on overall immigration trends.

#4 Disparities

disparities iconMinnesota ranks nationally at the top in key measures across many of our topics, but unfortunately moves to the bottom when viewed by race, income, and gender gaps. You were interested in learning more about this Minnesota Paradox. And, in typical Minnesota fashion, you displayed high interest in finding solutions by going to our Racial Equity Resource Directory, a new brief from the Itasca Project on broadening opportunities for a more diverse workforce, and reading our article on addressing 3 social determinants of education.

#5 Education

educaiton  iconMinnesotans have long held the belief that everyone should have opportunities for a high-quality education, a critical component to a successful future. Since the Compass website launched, this section has been one of our most popular. With the recent addition of the STEM and Generation Next subsections, our high viewership shows you, our readers, appreciate the robust information you can get here, including resources to close the achievement gap, a threat to Minnesota’s reputation for academic excellence.