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cost-burdened renters vs. owners
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Renters more likely than owners to spend too much on housing

The Twin Cities have the second-lowest cost-burden rate of major metropolitan areas. About 13,000 fewer households are cost-burdened compared to 2012, and almost 50,000 fewer compared to 2007. However, renters remain more than twice as likely as owners to be paying too much for housing. This is not only true for the Twin Cities region, but for the state as a whole.

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New data

Updated in November:

Six percent of all babies were born at low birth weight in 2013.

Multiple birth babies are much more likely than single birth babies to be low birth weight. About half of multiple birth babies are born weighing less than 5 pounds, 8 ounces, compared to about one in twenty single birth babies.

Also updated: obesity, cost-burdoned households, children and youth, immigration, and more.


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Nancy Hartzler

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