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Poverty rates decline for children age 0-4

Although poverty rates for our youngest children decreased in 2013 by about 2 percentage points, children age 0-4 have one of the highest poverty rates in Minnesota. A look at another breakdown shows poverty rates of young children are surpassed only by young adults age 18-24.

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New data

Young adults remain most likely among Minnesota's age groups to be without health insurance.

The share of American Indian 8th-graders reaching math standards in Minnesota has not kept pace with improvements across other racial/ethnic groups.

All age groups except seniors continue to see median household income much lower than prior to the recession.

Updated September 2014


Kari Dennissen-Cunnien

Ignite Afterschool's Kari  Denissen-Cunnien outlines how people and organizations across Minnesota are working to engage young people in the crucial learning opportunities that happen outside the school day.

Nancy Hartzler

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, I dug into our Compass data and pulled out 5 trends I found interesting and hope you do too!

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