Who's involved

More than 600 people have shared their expertise in the development of Compass.

Compass Governance Committee


Pictured here: (back row) Paul Mattessich, Neal Cuthbert, Susan Brower, Frank Forsberg, Nate Dorr, Steven Rosenstone, Craig Helmstetter, (front row) Randi Roth, Jennifer Ford Reedy, MayKao Hang, Carolyn Link, Kim Price, Marilee Grant.

Susan Brower, State Demographer, State Demographic Office
Neal Cuthbert, Vice President, Program, McKnight Foundation
Nate Dorr, Program Officer, Northwest Minnesota Foundation
Nancy Fasching, Senior Administration and Grants Officer, Southwest Initiative
Jennifer Ford Reedy, President, Bush Foundation
Frank Forsberg, Senior Vice President, Greater Twin Cities United Way
Kathy Gaalswyk, President, Initiative Foundation
Marilee Grant, Community Relations Director, Boston Scientific
MayKao Hang, President and CEO, Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
Charlotte Johnson, Trustee, Otto Bremer Foundation
Carolyn Link, Executive Director, Blue Cross and Blue Shield
    of Minnesota Foundation
Paul Mattessich, Executive Director, Wilder Research
Tim Penny, President and CEO, Southern Minnesota Initiative
Meredith Crosby, Director of Strategic Initiatives, 3Mgives
Carleen Rhodes, President and CEO, Minnesota Philanthropy Partners
Carolyn Roby, Vice President, Wells Fargo Foundation Minnesota
Steven Rosenstone, Chancellor, Minnesota State Colleges and University
Tony Sertich, President and CEO, Northland Foundation
Sandra Vargas, President and CEO, The Minneapolis Foundation

Compass steering committee


Pictured here: (back row) Margaret Arzdorf-Schubbe (for Allison Barmann), Dave Peters, Greg Wagner, Nate Dorr, Mary Rothchild, (front row) Bruce Johansen, Devon Meade, Nancy Fasching, Claire Chang, Diane Benjamin, Lisa Stone.

Allison Barmann, Vice President Strategy and Learning, Bush Foundation
Diane Benjamin, Program Officer, Otto Bremer Foundation
Susan Brower, State Demographer, State Demographic Office
Claire Chang, Associate Vice President, Minnesota Philanthropy Partners
Nancy Fasching, Senior Administrator and Grants Officer, Southwest Initiative
MayKao Fredericks, Program Officer, Wells Fargo Foundation
Luz Maria Frias, Vice President, Community, The Minneapolis Foundation
Sarah Hernandez, Program Officer, The McKnight Foundation
Don Hickman, Vice President, Community, Initiative Foundation
Bruce Johansen, Twin Cities Media Alliance
Sean Kershaw, Executive Director, Citizen's League
Devon Meade, Senior Research Analyst, Greater Twin Cities United Way
Jennifer Nelson, Development Director, Southern Minnesota Initiative
Dave Peters, Editorial Director, Special Projects, Minnesota Public Radio
Mary Rothchild, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Minnesota State College and
Marty Sieve, Vice President for Programs, Northwest Minnesota Foundation
Lisa Stone, Senior Community Relations Specialist, Boston Scientific
Erik Torch, Grant Program Manager, Northland Foundation
Greg Wagner, Economic Development Planner, West Central Initiative

Compass advisory group co-conveners

Aging – Dawn Simonson, Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging
Children and Youth – Chris Ganzlin, The McKnight Foundation
Civic Engagement – Sean Kershaw, Citizens League
Disparities – Sandra L. Vargas, Minneapolis Foundation
Early Childhood – Barbara Yates, Minnesota Early Learning Foundation
Economy and Workforce – Michael Gorman, Split Rock Partners
Economy and Workforce (Statewide) –
   Bill Blazar, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
   Kathy Tunheim, Senior Advisor to the Governor for Job Creation
Education – Alice Seagren, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Education
Education (Statewide) –
   Brenda Cassellius, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Education
   Marilee Grant, Boston Scientific
Environment – Steve Morse, Minnesota Environmental Partnership
Health – Mary Brainerd, HealthPartners
Housing – Tim Marx, Commissioner, Minnesota Housing
Immigration –
   Bill Blazar, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
   Sandra L. Vargas, The Minneapolis Foundation
Public Safety – Tom Johnson, Council on Crime and Justice
Transportation (2007) – Bob Johns, Center for Transportation Studies, U. of M.
Transportation (2014) – Charles Zelle, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of    Transportation

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Please note, affiliations are as of the time that the groups convened.

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