East Phillips Neighborhood

At-a-glance facts about residents, households, and workforce. Data are largely derived from the U.S. Census Bureau. When a data point is missing or considered unreliable, it will not display or be labeled suppressed. Refer to “Notes about the data” below for more detail.

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MN Compass

The geographic profiles are part of Minnesota Compass, a project that provides measures of well-being at the state, region, county, city, and select neighborhood levels. Minnesota Compass is led by Wilder Research and funded by a collaborative of foundations.
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The following neighborhoods are missing some trend data from 1990 and/or 2000 due to neighborhood boundary changes: Como (St. Paul), North End, East Philips, Midtown Philips, Philips West, Sumner-Glenwood, and Ventura Village.

Minnesota Compass

Minnesota Compass
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