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Goal: All Minnesotans have opportunities to experience and create art and culture, enriching the vitality of our state.

Arts and culture make Minnesota a more culturally vibrant, meaningful, and attractive place to live. Ensuring that Minnesotans have the opportunity to engage, create, and appreciate art strengthens communities, supports well-being, builds social capital, and deepens connections to ourselves and each other. Arts and culture are an important economic engine for our state, playing a particularly strong role for some communities, cities, and neighborhoods. A strong arts and culture sector contributes to an enhanced understanding of our world, challenging us to view issues, opportunities, and knowledge from a new lens.

What's happening

Each indicator shows a facet of Minnesota's arts and culture sector and its contributions to quality of life. Examine them in relation to one another for a more holistic picture.

Making connections

Arts and culture exist beyond the walls of a gallery or concert hall. The arts contribute to individual and community well-being, support economic strength, and create connections across geographies and cultural traditions. How people are enriched by the arts or choose to participate in cultural activities varies widely; likewise, the impact of the arts on civic life may be central or peripheral.

The impact of arts and culture is wide-ranging and multi-layered, and so are the supports available to culture-sharers and culture-shapers. Funding, infrastructure, acceptance, and access to job and health support affect the visibility and viability of arts and culture careers.

As you explore the information, identify ways in which you relate to, are challenged by, or would like to inquire further about the research.


These measures provide context to the public discourse about Minnesota's creative communities. They incorporate one of the few national representative on-going surveys available on a wide scale, and provide comparisons between states, Minnesota regions, and Minnesota communities. These breakdowns can help identify gaps and consider where increased arts opportunities and access may be needed.

The arts and culture topic area was developed with support from a cohort of advisors. The group contributed insights about what is most important to know about Minnesota's creative sector, resulting in this list of potential indicators. We finalized the key measures after considering the group's input in light of the key measure criteria.


New & Noteworthy

Minnesota Compass recently launched a new Arts and Culture section!

Advisory Group Photos

Arts & Culture Advisory Group

Fifty community leaders and artists gave input to guide the development of the new section.


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