Using data to help end hunger in greater Minnesota

"If we’re going to complete our mission of ending hunger through community partnerships, we need to know where the need is, who it is that is experiencing the need, and the best way to reach out to that particular sector." 

Charlene Graff
Agency Partner Specialist

Second Harvest Heartland's Story

Investing in entrepreneurs to transform neighborhoods from within 

"We've relied on Minnesota Compass data to inform our work and strategic plan. The information we most commonly use includes racial demographics, disparities in income levels, availability of jobs, and median income levels."

Elisa Pluhar
chief development and communications officer

Neighborhood Development Center (NDC) 's Story

Data pinpoints county needs

"We use data in many different ways. To understand the true needs of our county, data are important. When organizations apply to us, we need data to help us discern if the need they are working on is real. The data also show us what issues provide us with an opportunity."

Melissa Mulder
executive director

Wright County United Way's Story

Neighbors helping neighbors--everybody benefits

"We used the Compass data to understand more about the unusual bi-modal age distribution in our resident population. Nearly half of residents are age 18-24."

Stephanie Hankerson
community organizer

SECIA's Story

Initiating conversations on policy and partnerships in Phillips neighborhood

"With...basic data in mind, we are drafting recommendations to increase the well-being of the Phillips residents through accessing healthy food, growing their own food, and physical activity."

Rosa Tock
project coordinator

Waite House/Pillsbury United Communities's Story

Building a bread oven to feed neighbors

"Since using Compass data, we’ve become more aware of issues right in the neighborhood, such as the diversity of income levels and poverty, and as a result we have implemented more social justice-related programs to assist lower-income members of the neighborhood."

Ross Hackenmiller
outreach coordinator

Hamline Church United Methodist's Story

"We used the North Minneapolis neighborhood data to strengthen our evaluation by gaining context and understanding."

Jenna Yanish
development and outreach specialist

HACER's Story