Minnesota has a reputation for high-quality public education, placing at or near the top in many national rankings and measure. But our state also has persistent achievement gaps - often rooted in structural racism, such as poverty and housing stability - for its indigenous students and students of color, leaving them unprepared to succeed in the future. We track data on 3rd grade reading scores, 8th grade math scores, and high school graduation to better understand how Minnesota is progressing in closing the achievement gaps and preparing students for future academic and workforce success.

Are Minnesota's students making the grade?

Fast facts

55% of 3rd graders are proficient in reading

The share of students who meet 3rd grade reading standards has declined since 2015
55 %

Just over half of all 8th graders are proficient in math

The share of students who meet 8th grade math standards has declined since 2014.
55 %

84% of Minnesota's high school students graduate on time

The share of students graduating within four years has increased since 2012
84 %