The U.S. Census Bureau’s intercensal estimates data are used in the population graphs and tables in the demographic section.

This source is used because the data gives detailed characteristics of the population down to the county level for the time period from the last census to the present. Using these data we are able to show detailed information on the composition of the population by age, gender, race, and ethnicity. However, other estimates may better suit some users’ needs.


Below are links to alternative credible sources of population estimates and forecasts for the State of Minnesota, the Twin Cities 7-county region, and other cities in Minnesota.

To arrive at a population estimate for the years between censuses, demographers typically take the population count of the most recent census and project forward the population based on the most recent information they have about births, deaths, and patterns of migration. Some organizations supplement this information with other administrative records. For example, they may use information on school enrollment, housing vacancy rates, or housing unit permits.

Provided by the Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan Council prepares local population and household estimates for the Twin Cities 7-county region. These estimates are the official population and household estimates used for State government purposes (The Metropolitan Council estimate methodology.)
Twin Cities region current population and household estimates
Twin Cities region historical population and household estimates

Social and economic trends and policies affect the size and composition of the future population because they affect the components of change: births, deaths and migration. To the extent that future social and economic trends are uncertain, demographic trends are as well. Some forecasts may be more useful for some geographic areas and time periods.

Provided by The Metropolitan Council
Population, household, and employment forecasts by detailed geographic area
Forecasting methodology

Provided by the State Demographic Center
Minnesota population projections: 2015-2040: Projected population by age and gender for Minnesota, counties, regions and metropolitan areas, October 12, 2012.
Minnesota household projections, 2015-2040: Projects number and type of households for Minnesota counties from 2015 to 2040, March 30, 2013.
Minnesota Population Projections by Race and Hispanic Origin 2005 to 2035, January 2009.

Provided by the U.S. Census Bureau

State Interim Population Projections by Age and Sex: 2012 – 2060


Important Note: While we use the Census Bureau's intercensal estimates for our most recent population estimates, several of the key measures on this site use American Community Survey (ACS) data. The ACS is a national survey that provides estimates of demographic, housing, social, and economic characteristics.