The U.S. Census Bureau's standard racial and ethnic categories often fall short of reflecting how communities define themselves, and don't reflect the composition and quality of life of diverse Minnesotans throughout the state. We developed data profiles for 27 of the largest cultural communities in Minnesota, including African American, Chinese, Ethiopian, Filipino, Hmong, Indian, Korean, Mexican, Native American, Somali, Vietnamese, and more, based on a combination of self-reported race, ancestry, birthplace, and parental characteristics. We provide data on cultural communities to better reflect, understand and support these communities, and their specific strengths and needs.

Fast facts

Nearly 4 in 10 Mexican Minnesotans live outside of the Twin Cities

38% of Mexican Minnesotans live in greater Minnesota.
38 %

More than 9 in 10 Hmong Minnesotans live in the Twin Cities

94% of Hmong Minnesotans live in the Twin Cities metro area.
94 %

More than 9 in 10 Somali-headed households live in rental housing

91% of Somali-headed households in Minnesota are renter households.
91 %
Cultural community Sort descending Population
Minnesota 5,563,378
African American 241,559
Burmese 14,252
Cambodian 10,487
Chinese 39,452
Colombian 7,386
Cuban 8,876
Ecuadorian 10,866
Ethiopian 30,983
Filipino 24,841
Guatemalan 11,731
Hmong 81,161
Indian 55,070
Japanese 11,442
Kenyan 14,593
Korean 26,412
Lao (non-Hmong) 16,312
Lebanese 7,919
Liberian 19,112
Mexican 213,800
Native American 167,380
Nigerian 13,133
Puerto Rican 16,943
Salvadoran 13,323
Somali 78,846
Thai 6,080
Ukrainian 19,846
Vietnamese 33,699
White non-Hispanic 4,442,456