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Goal: All children and youth will have caring relationships, enrichment activities, and the investment from their communities to grow into a successful adulthood.

Children and youth require love, guidance, and resources, yet they also contribute immensely to our communities. As they grow, many care for siblings, assist neighbors, work, and volunteer. Outside of school, many also participate in enrichment activities such as sports, arts, community service, mentoring, and religious activities. As youth take on these roles, they discover and hone skills they will use now and as adults – in advanced education, employment, civic engagement, and family life. However, not all children have equal family resources, connections with other caring adults, or access to quality enrichment activities to help guide them on their paths to adulthood.

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Today's children and youth are very different from the older generations in our state. Learn more about academic outcomes in our Education section. Outside of school, many teens work and/or volunteer.

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Boy measuring himself next to a growth chart

We know how many children live in poverty or are in foster care. We track this data because it provides information that policymakers and others can use to inform policy. But does this data, which enumerates facts about children through a deficit lens, provide a balanced accounting of the well-being of children?