Meet the Author

One of my favorite things about working with Minnesota Compass is meeting the people who use in their work. I love to hear how the data are helpful in achieving their goals, be it planning, advocacy, policy-making, or another use. We share some of those stories here (we’d love to tell your story too!).

With thousands of users a month, our website analytics tell us there are a lot of user stories we don’t know. Fortunately, the metrics shed light on some of them. For example, we know that government employees access our geographic data profiles to learn more about the people they serve, and that educators, including those from post-secondary institutions, use as a teaching tool.       

We can also see which pages are the most visited. Each month, four pages rise consistently to the top: immigration, race and ethnicity, cultural communities, and our racial equity resource directory.

This made the Minnesota Compass staff think about these specific users, their needs, and their interest in learning about the diversity of our state. We thought we’d make it easier to find this information by creating a landing page with quicker access to the data and resources we already have on our site.  

That’s how our new Data for Equity section came to be. The section has data, analysis, and resources to aid in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. Our ultimate goal is to provide organizations and communities with easily accessible and understandable information helpful to creating welcoming workplace, learning, and community environments where everyone is valued and thrives.

Here’s what you’ll find at Data for Equity:

  1. Links to popular data by race and ethnicity

    You'll find data by race and ethnicity (including cultural communities and immigrant groups), by sex, and by disability, and also our new Minnesota Diversity Index

  2. DEI resources

    Links to helpful DEI resources on our website, including our racial equity resource directory, leadership program directory, DEI best practices for organizations, and more

  3. Curated Insights articles

    Delve more into the lives of the people who make Minnesota their home

  4. Tutorials and stories on how to use the data

    Learn how to find and read charts, create your own custom data profile, and meet other users

I invite you to explore and learn.