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Maybe you’re a T-ball coach. Or you deliver meals to seniors. Perhaps you register people to vote. Or you clear the parks of trash after the spring snowmelt. In my own time outside of work, I am a Daisy Girl Scout troop leader and a rescue animal foster. And April is our month…National Volunteer Month.

We know that Minnesota is home to many residents who give back to their communities in lots of different ways. This month of recognition is a time to celebrate the contributions of time that people make to organizations and causes that matter to them. So here are some quick facts about Minnesota’s volunteers.

  1. 2 in 5 Minnesota adults volunteer throughout the year.
    Forty-one percent of Minnesotans volunteer or perform unpaid activities for or through an organization. The average volunteer contributes more than 60 hours of time in a year to volunteer organizations.

    Chart showing two in five Minnesotans volunteer.


  2. Minnesota ranks 5th in the nation for volunteerism.
    Minnesota holds a top spot among states for its share of adults who contribute unpaid time to organizations. Utah consistently takes the first place spot among states.
    U.S. map highlighting the top five states for share of residents who volunteer (2019): 1. Utah - 52% 2. South Dakota - 51% 3. Nebraska - 45% 4. Colorado - 44% 5. Minnesota - 41%
    Top five states for share of residents who volunteer, 2019


  3. Fundraising and food top the list of volunteer activities.
    Among the many activities that Minnesota volunteers do, their most frequent activities are fundraising and food collection, preparation, and distribution. We’re talking about things like organizing bake sales, serving in soup kitchens, and assembling donations for food shelves.
Most common activities among Minnesota volunteers, 2017


Fundraising or selling items to raise money



Collecting, preparing, distributing, or serving food



General labor or transportation



Professional or management assistance



Tutoring or teaching



Interested in volunteering but not sure where to start? maintains a directory of volunteer opportunities that you can search by location, cause area, skillset, and more.

We would love to welcome you as a volunteer at Wilder Foundation! Last year, more than 150 volunteers and interns contributed over 11,900 hours to support our mission. Click here to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.