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Racial equity resource directory

Below is a listing of racial equity programs and training providers serving workplaces, civic organizations, educational institutions, faith communities, and anyone working to combat racism and increase cultural competence.


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Please note: Listings in this directory are provided as a service to encourage individual and community engagement in working towards racial equity. However, a listing is not an endorsement or recommendation by The Bush Foundation or Minnesota Compass.  

Achieving Cultural Competency Consulting Services

Achieving Cultural Competence strives to put change in motion. Cultural competence, inclusion learnings, and inclusive tools and methods assist organizations and communities to live and work effectively in a multicultural society. Services include consultation, social research, civic engagement, facilitation, training, and dialogue convening models. Languages include Spanish, Somali and Hmong.

African American Registry

Teacher's Forum
African American Registry addresses white privilege, anti-racism and cultural competency in community agencies, businesses, schools and colleges through conferences, K-12 curricula, and more. Affordable workshops offer groups an unmatched journey of truth and reconciliation with narrative assistance and a 'Circle Group' process (web, phone, and in-person formats).

Afro American Development Association

Afro American Development Association (AADA) works to alleviate poverty by supporting New American and other diverse communities. AADA fosters job opportunities, reduces dependency on government assistance, promotes education, and through training and capacity-building contributes to greater economic growth and development throughout this region of Minnesota and North Dakota.

Alliance for Metropolitan Stability

Alliance for Metropolitan Stability works for racial, economic, and environmental justice in the ways growth and development occur throughout the Twin Cities region by offering peer learning opportunities with and about racial justice analysis and supporting coalitions engaged in campaigns that tackle structural racism.


AMAZEworks creates equity and belonging for all. AMAZEworks supports healthy identities and respect across differences by working at the intersections of anti-bias education, diversity/inclusion, and social emotional learning. Based in research and best practices, AMAZEworks provides anti-bias education curricula, tools, training, and equity consulting for schools, communities, and organizations.

American Indian Resource Center

The AIRC is a tribal, community and student services building with classes in Indian Studies, Ojibwe language and Ojibwe art. AIRC has classrooms, a computer lab, special event facilities and office space for Native American staff and faculty. AIRC also provides retention counseling and community and professional programs and trainings.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Today's youth require school environments promoting respect, inclusiveness & civility. At A CLASSROOM OF DIFFERENCE, we offer a variety of training programs for pre-K through 12th grade school communities - educators, administrators, youth, families - focusing on development of inclusive culture and respectful school climate by addressing bias and bullying.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Anti-Defamation League's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE ® Institute provides anti-bias training and resources for educators, parents, students and all members in the community. Interactive workshops and curriculum help families, teachers and caregivers create sustained bias-free classrooms and homes encouraging children to appreciate diversity at any age.

Antiracism Study Dialogue Circles (ASDIC) Partnership

Antiracism Study Dialogue Circles are intensive, in-depth study and dialogue focused on systemic, institutional, and cultural racism, and provide a guided series of readings to deepen participants' understanding of racism, capacity to identify white norms, privileges, and power structures; and foster community and antiracist consciousness and action.

Ashlee Consulting LLC

Aeriel and Kyle Ashlee, co-founders of Ashlee Consulting, provide engaging keynotes and trainings on vulnerability, identity, and storysharing as tools to foster space for bold conversations. They are award-winning authors of VITAL: A Torch for Your Social Justice Journey, a book for incorporating social justice into everyday life.


Make It MSP - BE MSP Workplace Toolkit
A toolkit for sparking conversations and building an inclusive culture in the workplace. This toolkit is about shifting the focus of diversity efforts from an exercise in risk mitigation to a source for growth. This initiative is about unlocking the full potential of every individual, no matter their background or identity, and creating an environment where people thrive. When organizations achieve a truly inclusive culture, they achieve higher financial performance, have a more satisfied workforce, and attract the best talent.

Carlyle Brown

Acting Black: Demystifying Racism
60 minute solo performance created to inspire open and honest conversations about race and diversity followed by a facilitated discussion.

Center for Economic Inclusion

The Center for Economic Inclusion fosters shared accountability for creating a racially inclusive, equitable and just economy and equips public and private sector leaders and employers with the skills to dismantle institutional racism and institutionalize inclusive intersectional policies, practices and behaviors to close racial employment, income and wealth gaps.

Charities Review Council

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit
The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit is an affordable, organization-focused, self-administered assessment for organizations wishing to build a more effective and reflective organization from the inside out. It’s made up of three distinct parts, and is intended to assess three important components of an organization: people, processes, and power structures.

Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Inc. (CJMM)

CJMM, Inc. Scholarship and Speakers Bureau
CJMM offers tours, events, advocacy, speakers, and educational materials to discuss events around the Duluth lynching and current racism. DVDs "Bringing the Truth to Light: A Community Forum on Racism Today" and "Racial Equity in Education" are available. CJMM hosts an annual dinner to recognize people committed to racial justice.

Coalition of Asian American Leaders

CAAL speaks and trains on building social justice movements that center communities who are most impacted by systemic oppression. Topics include community power building, elements of social justice movements, building movements that center whole identities, anti-racism and xenophobia, cultural fluency, and Asian American and Asian Minnesotan context.

Commonsense Consulting@Work

Commonsense Consulting@Work
CommonSense Consulting@Work provides its clients with strategies and solutions that foster workplace inclusion, engagement and performance. CSC partners with clients that have to address the change in customer and employee demographics as well as workplace culture and environment. CSC provides the tools and strategies to value, respect and leverage diversity and allow clients to achieve their business plans. CSC provides value-added scheduling, services, and collaborative relationships for the right price point.

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

Diversity, Countering Islamophobia, Know Your Rights, Voter Registration, and more
Minnesota's only Muslim civil rights advocacy organization, CAIR-MN trainings include Islam and Muslim community, Somali community/culture, diversity and inclusion, media, and civil rights. "Positive Interactions," an annual day-long seminar for employers and law enforcement, has trained almost all major Minnesota corporations on Islamophobia and religious accommodation.

Create CommUNITY

Learning Circles
Create CommUNITY Learning Circles project offers varying levels of anti-racism and intentional social interaction activities to address systemic change using an anti-racism analysis in Central Minnesota.

Create Good, LLC

Create Good helps clients identify the gaps between intent and impact in equity and inclusion work. In addition to understanding historical context and key questions clients should consider to be more inclusive, we partner with you to identify design gaps in your organization and create an action plan to bridge them.

Crossroads AntiRacism Organizing & Training

Minnesota Collaborative AntiRacism Initiative (MCARI)
MCARI assists organizations to develop capacity to address racism as a systemic issue by equipping internal leadership with tools for individual & institutional transformation. MCARI offers introductory & comprehensive workshops on the systemic institutionalized dynamics of racism (including manifestations that limit full institutional potential) and dismantling strategies. See also

Cultural Diversity Resources

Cultural Diversity Resources provides customized cultural competency & diversity training, cultural presentations and an annual diversity conference. Service area is Fargo Moorhead communities in Cass County, ND and Clay County in MN.

CultureBrokers LLC

CultureBrokers LLC provides customized solutions to for-profit, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations wanting to improve their outcomes with culturally diverse employees, customers, and communities. Our approach makes your success inevitable by harnessing the dynamism of diversity and employing breakthrough rules of change. Our committed clientele experience quick, effective, and sustainable results.

Dakota County Technical College

Multicultural Leadership
DCTC has embraced diversity as one of the institution's most important priorities. Multicultural Leadership Diploma (MLD) program aims to improve enrollment and graduation rates of student populations historically underserved and underrepresented in higher education. The program embraces the challenge to enhance the professional advancement of minorities in Minnesota.

Discussions that Encounter

The goal of "Discussions that Encounter" forums, held on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month, is to bring together people from all walks of life to engage in in-depth conversation about the injustices of the concept of race and racism, offering the opportunity to build new relationships.

Diversity Council

Spark! workshops
Spark! "Connecting People, Igniting Change" is a comprehensive series of age-appropriate, anti-bias workshops that focus on respecting human differences. Workshops are presented in collaboration with area public and private schools.

Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power and Privilege

The toolkit is meant for anyone who feels there is a lack of productive discourse around issues of diversity and the role of identity in social relationships, both on a micro (individual) and macro (communal) level. Training of this kind can provide historical context about the politics of identity and the dynamics of power and privilege or help build greater self-awareness. SOURCE: The MSW@USC, the online Master of Social Work program at the University of Southern California.

East Side Arts Council

Belonging Circles
Belonging Circles is an afterschool curriuculm booklet for grades K-4 that uses the arts to help students build tolerance and life skills. It includes lesson plans for easy projects that promote discussions about belonging in a community, and lists characteristics of successful afterschool programs. A free guide for replicating is available.


EdChange is an award-winning and internationally recognized collaboration of facilitators, activists, and educators, two based in the Twin Cities. EdChange creates and facilitates workshops on anti-racism, cultural competence, and white privilege, working to push the conversation beyond "heroes and holidays" and toward a genuine examination of how racism permeates our lives.

Equity Alliance

Equity Alliance MN has been leading educational equity work for over 25 years. We work WITH organizations to support systemic equity and integration through careful and intentional use of professional development; external supports, including equity audits, facilitation and action planning; and student programming.

Equity Literacy Institute

The Equity Literacy Institute is a team of equity specialists who work with schools, school districts, higher education institutions, and other organizations that are ready to cultivate serious institutional change. We use a framework called "equity literacy," which focuses on helping educators become a threat to the existence of inequity in their spheres of influence.

Everybody In

Organizing Minnesota’s Employment and Enterprise Equity Ecosystems
We align, we convene, we connect and we amplify the existing racial equity work to better organize Minnesota’s employment and enterprise equity ecosystems.

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Rochester

Racial Justice Task Group
The Racial Justice Task Group, formed in 2007, comprises members of the Unitarian Universalist Church as well as other members of the Rochester community concerned with issues of racial justice.

Greater Minneapolis Community Connections

Urban Immersions
Urban Immersion Service Retreats (UISR) creates and facilitates training’s and immersions focused on educating participants about the complexities and root causes of poverty and social justice issues within our communities. Participants are asked to put themselves in the shoes of those living in poverty in our communities. This simulation engages participants in making tough choices as a family of five living in Minneapolis on a limited budget, to stimulate awareness, openness, and learning. UISR is a program of Greater Minneapolis Community Connections (GMCC).

HarmonyWorks Training Institute

Inter-Cultural Collaboration and Leadership Series
This experiential, 20-40 hour course engages youth, community leaders, and organizers to build relationships, dispel misinformation, expose cultural myths, increase emotional intelligence, and build authentic collaborations. Exercises examine 'individual' cultural conditioning, 'community' norms, and 'institutional' practices. Other work includes nonprofit capacity-building, social/economic development, and racial equity advocacy.

Healing Roots

Healing Roots creates learning opportunities for people of European heritage to become more aware of our culture and history, including whiteness and European root cultures, in order to become agents of change in creating a healthy society and create space for other ways of knowing. We offer workshops (fee) and discussions (no charge).

Higher Education Anti-Racism Team (HEART)

HEART is a regional collaborative for exploring strategies, sharing best practices and addressing challenges. HEART is built on a community organizing model, focusing on systemic institutional change toward being anti-racist and multicultural. Members include St. Cloud State University, Minnesota State University Moorhead, North Dakota State University, and Bethel University.

Hispanic Health Network

The Hispanic Health Network is a consulting and alliance of organizations.

Hmong Cultural Center, Inc.

Hmong Cultural Center provides a Hmong 101 presentation that presents information related to the Hmong community to diverse communities that want to know more about the Hmong community and history. The center provides Adult Basic English to refugees and immigrant communities, youth afterschool programs, and Hmong language instruction.

Inclusion INC

InclusionINC is a leading global consulting and learning organization specializing in inclusion and diversity solutions tied directly to client company’s business objectives. InclusionINC set out to evolve the current thinking and business practices of diversity to inclusion, an actionable business strategy that garners direct ROI.

Inclusion Network

Inclusion Network Training Team
The Inclusion Network is an affiliation of organizations and individuals that provides access to learning opportunities, dialogues, and experiences that support actions towards equality and justice to strengthen our communities. Inclusion Network offers training and consulting topics in Diversity and Inclusion, Antiracism, and more.

Inclusive Educators, LLC

Inclusive Educators is an inclusivity and equity focused evaluation company.Through research on whiteness, race, gender, and sexuality, Inclusive Educators uses evaluation as a tool to disrupt systems of inequity.

Interculturalist, LLC

Interculturalist believes in the power of an interculturally mature future. Whether it be for work, play, family, or society, we commit to making positive impact through bringing effective training and coaching, insightful assessment and consulting, and innovative educational programs and tools for individuals and organizations. We help organizations build Workplace Efficacy. When it’s present, diversity, inclusion, and equity are achievable. To embed Workplace Efficacy in your organization, we offer two main areas of training & coaching: 1. Increasing intercultural capacity to address inclusion and diversity 2. Increasing emotional intelligence for better leadership and engagement


ISAIAH is a vehicle for congregations, clergy, and people of faith to act collectively and powerfully towards racial and economic equity in the state of Minnesota.

Islamic Resource Group

IRG is a speakers bureau that builds bridges through education and awareness about the Muslim community. Muslims are one of the most diverse faith communities in the world. IRG's presentations are designed to get people thinking about the assumptions we make about each other and how to challenge them.

Jewish Community Action

Racial Justice
Community Education: JCA offers workshops, training, classes, and programs to the Jewish community to increase understanding and to take action on racial justice, white privilege, dual identity, and anti-racism. Currently project topics include: voting rights, economic justice, foreclosure prevention, immigrant rights, and gun violence prevention.

Jewish Community Relations Council

Tolerance Minnesota
Tolerance Minnesota strives to create a more tolerant and just society by promoting understanding of all cultures and reducing prejudiced and hurtful behavior. Programs include Holocaust Speakers Bureau, Transfer of Memory photography exhibit, Film showings, Exhibit and programming about diverse issues such as civil rights, GLBTQ, and anti-semitism.

Marnita's Table, Inc.

Marnita's Table seeks to make Intentional Social Interaction the new pattern for society, with people of color and other under-resourced people included at the resource sharing table. We are experts at bringing policy makers and other leaders together with those who are impacted by the policies being made.

Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration

Inclusive Volunteerism Initiative
Nonprofits and governments engage primarily White volunteers to deliver programs and services to communities of color. Nonprofits can't fully meet their mission if mentors, food shelf assistants, disaster respondents, and board members (to name a few) do not reflect the racial diversity of the communities served. The Inclusive Volunteerism Initiative focuses on researching, identifying and dismantling the systemic inequities faced by people of color when volunteering on a formal basis with a nonprofit or government organization.

Mixed Blood Theatre Company

Mixed Blood's EnterTRaining program uses customized theatrical productions to address workplace differences. Created for each client and its inclusion initiatives, the tailor-made shows are produced by Mixed Blood Theater company. But they go beyond theater, creating follow-up training programs that focus on behavioral change in individuals.

Native Vote Alliance of Minnesota

The mission of Native Vote Alliance of Minnesota is to mobilize and empower Native people in Minnesota as a collective voice through civic participation while embracing cultural heritage.

Nexus Community Partners

Nexus Community Partners works at the intersection of community building and community development, engaging communities of color and immigrant communities to achieve equitable, sustainable revitalization. Nexus considers the engagement of communities of color and immigrant communities essential to equitable community revitalization. Nexus honors the knowledge and capacity that exist within communities, and the intrinsic value of differing cultures and backgrounds. Nexus recognizes respectful working partnerships as a powerful context for mutual learning and transformative action. Nexus strives for cultural competence and authentic community engagement in all of its strategies and activities.

Northwest Indian Community Development Center

Our mission is to identify, coordinate and deliver resources that promote wellness and equity for American Indian families in northwest and north-central Minnesota. NWICDC offers a wide range of Anishinaabe informed services and community advocacy to more effectively meet the needs of Indigenous people, families and communities.

One Ummah Consulting

One Ummah is a team of trainers and consultants from a broad range of fields, with over 50 years of combined experience. They offer innovative solutions, comprehensive strategies, and services to help build multicultural competence and move from awareness to action in creating more inclusive and productive work and learning environments.

Pacific Educational Group (PEG)

Beyond Diversity: Introduction to Courageous Conversations About Race & A Framework for Deinstitutionalizing Racism and Eliminating Racial Educational Disparities
Since 1992 (in Minneapolis since 2007), Pacific Educational Group has been dedicated to helping school districts address and eliminate racial educational disparities - intentionally, explicitly, and comprehensively. PEG partners with districts to heighten understanding of institutional racism and develop effective systemic strategies for ending racial disparities through professional development and coaching.

Pangea World Theater

Diverse Stages Educational Program Breaking the Silence Program
Diverse Stages Educational Program works with high school youth to create original performances based on race and equity. The Breaking The Silence program is targeted toward government institutions to illuminate the barriers battered immigrant women face in the system. Pangea conducts custom designed workshops around issues of racism, gender inequity, cultural competence, human rights and social justice.

Penumbra Theatre

For thirty-nine years Penumbra Theatre has provided a safe space for difficult conversations that move communities forward. With Penumbra you can excavate the layers of your identity and reflect deeply on the unique role that you can play in creating social change. We offer workshops, residencies, speaking engagements, and consulting.

People's Institute North

"Undoing Racism/Community Organizing" workshop offers training on white privilege, internalized racial oppression, white organizational culture, and history of how people became white in the US. Workshops for ages 13-19 are offered. Organizing efforts are based in the communities where organizers live: Grand Portage, Duluth, Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Pillsbury House Theatre

Breaking Ice
Breaking Ice is a customized professional theater experience to help organizations and businesses with difficult interpersonal and institutional issues. Helping open conversations on racism and equity since 1996, Breaking Ice helped develop a dialogue on diversity following Hurricane Katrina and received the 2008 Nonprofit Mission Award for Anti-Racism Initiatives.

Prosperity Ready

African Immigrant Professionals Pilot Program
Prosperity Ready develops immigrant talent and places them with pre committed hiring organizations. We are working with degreed African immigrant professionals who are either unemployed or underemployed. Using 25+ years of Fortune 500 experience, we have removed barriers in each employment step that block immigrant professionals from the careers they are qualified for and deserve.

Racial Equity Minnesota Network

As the only network of its kind in the state, with 7 member organizations, REMN is trusted to help deliver positive outcomes and solutions on the complex topic of racial equity through a comprehensive portfolio of products and a continuum of services, from assessment to implementation.

Relationships Matter Now ,LLC

Relationships Matter Now ,LLC uses a proprietary brand promise experience of Engage, Collaborate and Lead to build custom inclusive leadership strategies and programs for organizations. We co-create values and actions to meet both the organization's and leaders' needs.

Saint Paul Public Schools

Multicultural Resource Center, located at Washington Technology Magnet School
The Multicultural Resource Center supports the equity work of SPPS and the East Metro Integration District. We offer a lending library of artifacts, films, books and learning trunks; film screenings; discussions; professional development events; student programming; and family and community outreach. All events are free and open to the community.

Sankore Consulting

Cultural Competency Leadership Training
We provide training and workshops to organizations and schools on topics related to cultural competency, Culturally Responsive Teaching, Intercultural Development Inventory , Multicultural Content and Racial Equity Leadership.

Sida Ly-Xiong Consulting

Ly-Xiong Consulting works in partnership to close the gap between good intentions and equitable outcomes. Using participatory methods to integrate evidence and lived experiences, we cultivate action-learning communities that share power and hold each other accountable to move toward equity. Services include facilitation, training, coaching, planning and assessment with an emphasis on engagement.

Side by Side Associates

Side by Side Associates works with organizations to develop and implement training and change initiatives aimed at building inclusive and equitable organizations and communities. Our intercultural development approach complements a commitment to addressing power and privilege. Our services include the DIA, a unique tool for assessing and increasing organizational inclusiveness.

St. Olaf Catholic Church

Racial Justice Committee
The Racial Justice Committee works with the Parish Social Justice Commission to be a visible presence for racial justice in the congregation and provide opportunities to raise awareness about racism and encourage parishioners on the journey of spiritual conversion toward equality for all. Offers videos, book reviews, events, bulletin articles, retreats and discussions.

Strategic Diversity Initiatives

Strategic Diversity Initiatives (SDI) is a certified LGBTQ-owned and women-owned consulting firm with 25 years’ experience helping large and small organizations with their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, including strategic planning, audits, coaching, consulting, and training. A list of services, as well as past clients, can be found on our website,

Stratis Health

Culture Care Connection
Culture Care Connection is an online learning and resource center that supports health care providers, staff, and administrators in their ongoing efforts to provide culturally-competent care in Minnesota. Learn how cultural backgrounds and common issues impact health. Get insights on how bias affects patient care and offers practical tips.

T.A.G. Curiel Consulting

We offer exciting and powerful tools for growth and change, providing an opportunity for groups, individuals and organizations to make a departure from their everyday routine in their journey for social justice. Major areas which could be addressed are: team-building, personal awareness and growth, equity and inclusion, or simply recreation.

TAP Resource Center - The Diversity Navigators

Organizations and Corporate Businesses needing Diversity Assessments and Training Tools
Take a Pause Diversity Navigators (TAP) is an organizational management consulting firm providing operating advice and assistance to organizations and businesses - navigating partnerships with local diverse communities. Helping companies engage, attract, recruit and retain a diverse workforce. Retaining a multi-dimensional workforce positively impacts the economic and educational disparities in high unemployment & high poverty areas.

The Diversity Institute

The Diversity Institute is committed to bringing awareness and analysis to the root causes of disparities. Their mission is to develop evidence-based frameworks and outcomes-oriented approaches to diversity, equity, and belonging. Their vision is a world where race is no longer a factor in the distribution of opportunity. The Diversity Institute offers training and DEI Strategic Planning.

The Underground Media Collective

We are a media cooperative dedicated to reimagining public media. We are centered around the stories of people of color and other marginalized communities.


Domestic and international diversity services are led by Jeffrey Cookson, SPHR, GPHR, MFA, who works as an organizational effectiveness consultant at Employers' Association, and has 20 years of experience spanning arts and intercultural fields, an MFA in Acting and Directing, and certification as both a Senior and Global Professional in HR. Cookson

United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities

Leadership Toward Racial Justice
"Leadership Toward Racial Justice" is offered as a concentration in Master of Divinity and MA degrees as well as a certificate, providing clergy and lay leaders of faith communities knowledge, understanding, and skills to facilitate anti-racism transformation in congregational or other settings. United Theological Seminary is an ecumenical graduate school.

Voices for Racial Justice

Voices for Racial Justice works with communities of color and American Indian communities to lead the way toward a more inclusive, equitable Minnesota. Its mission: to advance racial, cultural, social, and economic justice in Minnesota through organizer and leadership training, strategic convening and campaigns, and research and policy tools.

YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities

YMCA Equity Innovation Center
The Center brings together diverse stakeholders from all sectors to develop a common understanding of, and design solutions to, challenges related to diversity, equity and inclusion. We have an interactive transformative experience around culture, history, and race as well as customized training to meet leadership teams and communities where they are in the journey.


YouthCARE (Youth for Cultural & Racial Equality) is a nonprofit organization with a 39 year history of providing positive multicultural youth development services for Minneapolis and St. Paul youth. YouthCARE's primary goal is to provide programs and services that help youth develop leadership, employment readiness, and self-sufficiency skills.

YWCA of Minneapolis

Racial Justice Programs
The YWCA promotes racial equity by partnering with individuals and businesses through consulting that teaches inclusive leadership skills; helps groups maximize innovation through valuing a diverse workforce; builds commitments to policies and practices creating long-term, sustainable change; and invites open dialogue, moving from understanding to strategic action.

Zemsky & Associates

Zemsky & Associates work towards social change and structural transformation regarding diversity, inclusion, and equity by providing intercultural organizational development. We conduct assessments, facilitate workshops, support action learning, and provide coaching to empower, challenge, inspire, and ultimately transform individuals and organizations to achieve full alignment towards their missions.