Get to know the new by going on a scavenger hunt!

Here's how it works:

  1. Look for the "data of the day" post on Twitter and Facebook at noon from Jan. 11 to Jan. 15. We'll also add them here.
  2. Use to find the data.
  3. Submit all five data to on Friday, Jan. 15. First email received with the correct data wins!
  4. The winner receives our kudos and a specially made "I won the scavenger hunt" social media image for you to share!


Monday, Jan 11: The median income (2018 dollars) of households in Hastings, MN is ________________.

Tuesday, Jan. 12: The population of Minnesota's Thai community.

Wednesday, Jan. 13: The percentage of Minnesota’s 8th grade students that achieved math standards in 2019.

Thursday, Jan. 14: The number of Minnesota school-age children who identify as Hispanic.

Friday, Jan. 15: Name one program listed on the racial equity resource directory that helps organizations replicate racial equity programs.