Minnesota is home to nearly 1 million children and youth ages 5-17. This age group requires relationships with caring adults to support positive development, avoid risky behaviors, and thrive. Outside of school, enrichment activities such as sports, arts, community service, mentoring, and religious activities, aid in developing skills they will use in education, employment, civic engagement, and family life. We track data on connection to caring adults and enrichment activities to better understand the positive development of children and youth in Minnesota.

School-age children

Fast facts

964,000 school-aged children

About 17% of the state’s population are children age 5-17.
17 %

323,000 school-aged children of color

About one third of school-aged children are children of color.
33 %

101,000 school-aged children below poverty

More than one in ten school-aged children live below poverty.
11 %