Environmental factors have an enormous impact on Minnesota’s public health and economy, including impacts on human health as a result of increased pollution, increased prevalence of disease, and extreme temperatures. We track data on air quality and greenhouse gas emissions to better understand how Minnesota’s environment is contributing to our state's well-being, now and into the future.

Fast facts

The Twin Cities metro area had good air quality 7 out of 10 days in 2022

Ground-level ozone and fine particulates were the most common pollutants.
71 %
million tons

Amount of Minnesota's greenhouse gas emissions in a year

That translates into 24 tons of greenhouse gas emissions per person. Greenhouse gas emissions are lower than in 2004, but fall short of goals set by the Next Generation Energy Act.

Three economic sectors are responsible for three-quarters of greenhouse gas emissions

Transportation, electrical utility, and agriculture account for 66% of greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota.
66 %