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Compass toolbox

We've provided these tools to help you use Compass information on your web or social networking sites and in presentations.

Compass Points 2019

Download the Compass Points 2019 indicator report (PDF) for easy in-house printing. If you have questions or would like us to send you printed copies, please contact us.


Compass Points 2018

Data graphs and tables

Can I reproduce Compass graphs? Yes: most data compiled for Compass key measures are public information and may be reproduced for free with appropriate citation, along with our URL, mncompass.org.

How do I cite data from Compass? We appreciate an accurate citation so others can find the data that you've used. Please include "Minnesota Compass," the name of the page or graph, and the URL.

Minnesota Compass. (n.d.). Voting age population that voted: Twin Cities 7-county region, Minnesota, and U.S., 1998-2014.Retrieved from https://www.mncompass.org/civic-engagement/voter-turnout#7-198-g

The acronym "n.d." stands for "no date," which refers to the fact we do not provide the date that a chart was published on our site. The date of the data set will be helpful in understanding the currency of the data.

If you are using a visual format, consider adding the words "Compiled by MN Compass" and "mncompass.org" to the visual, or add a footnote and include the complete citation near the visual.

Finally, if your reader requests a particular citation style, we recommend adjusting our examples to fit those requirements.

How do I link to Compass graphs? If you want the data for an online article or blog, feel free to embed a link directly to the graph you would like to show. Highlight the page URL in the address bar. Right+click the text and select "Copy." Move your cursor to the place you would like to put the link. Right+click and select "Paste."

How do I copy a data graph directly into an article, presentation, or blog post? Each map or graph has an export button in the upper right. Left+click the export button to view an export menu. Choose an export format (Image file, PDF document, or SVG vector image). The map or graph will be captured and downloaded to your browser as a separate file.

You may need to re-size the picture or trim off the extra by cropping (found under "format" for pictures in Word) but remember to include the citation with the graph.

Alternately, to capture the entire page as a graphic, use the "print screen" button found on most keyboards. Paste into your email, word processing, presentation, or graphics program.

How do I create a new graph? You can also download raw data and use it to create your own graph. The raw data includes past years and more detailed information. Click "VIEW: Graph" on the right side of the gray bar above each map or graph. This will create a drop-down menu. Click "CSV file" in the menu. Open it with a data processing program to create your graph.

Are there other ways to share Compass graphs? There is a panel to the left of each Compass map or graph. It includes more options for sharing, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and sending a graph via email (press the orange "+ Share" button).

Compass widgets

News widget

Add our feed highlighting what's new on our site. Change the size in the embed code to one that works best for you.

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We encourage you to promote Compass to others who are looking for credible, unbiased information to improve their communities. Please consider linking from your site to Compass, and promoting this resource to others.

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New on Twitter

See the latest data in this live Twitter feed. Add the feed to your web site.

Using twitter's widget feature, you can easily add the @MNCompass twitter feed to your own website. Just click on the link below and follow the instructions.

Business card

business card

This business card is handy to pass out at meetings to share data with people you meet. Formatted on an 8.5 x 11 sheet to run 2-sided on your printer.

Download business card PDF