Our Who Leads in MN? section shares data and findings about Minnesota's leaders in the government, business, and nonprofit sectors.  

With the baby boomer generation in the midst of retirement, the number of Minnesota's leaders under the age of 45:


The number of leaders under the age of 45 has decreased in the business and nonprofit sectors and has risen only slightly in the government sector.



Estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey show that the number of leaders under the age of 45 has  declined from 6,694 (2005-2009) to 5,066 (2015-2019). See the data. 


It could be argued that young adults will transition into leadership roles as their training and experience grow. But young adults are not only underrepresented in leadership roles. The share of young adults in leadership is also declining. Today, about one in four leaders in Minnesota is a Millennial, compared to one in three leaders just a few years ago. See our findings. See the data.