Achievement: An individual’s ability and skills in STEM subjects

Photo of young engineers. Photo by thisisengineering raeng of Unsplash

Measures of STEM achievement take place at the end of the continuum and show how successful we have been at cultivating STEM identity, sparking STEM interest, and improving STEM access. Where there is room for improvement, we must ask ourselves: Are we eliminating barriers? Are we providing environments and experiences that provide learners what they need to see themselves in STEM? Are we sparking young people's interest so that they are engaged, participate, and succeed in STEM?


Fast facts

5th grade science

Half of Minnesota's 5th graders meet state benchmarks in science.
50 %

8th grade math

The share of Minnesota eighth graders who are proficient in math fell sharply from 2019 to 2021, and remained low in 2022.
40 %


About a third of Minnesota's high school graduates are college-ready in math and science.
35 %

Room for improvement

We have room for improvement on measures of STEM achievement. Today, 22% of jobs in Minnesota are in STEM, with 7% growth in STEM jobs expected through 2028. We all have a role to play and a shared interest in fostering a future-ready Minnesota.