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Quickly access information about Minnesota's diverse and burgeoning immigrant population

Nearly half million immigrants call Minnesota home, a population that includes citizens and non-citizens, students and workers, and refugees who fled their home countries. Minnesota has proportionally fewer immigrants compared to the nation as a whole, but we have long been a state shaped by immigration. In 2018, about nine percent of Minnesotans were foreign-born, but that percentage was as high as 37 percent in the late 1800s. Immigration will continue to shape our communities for generations to come. Today, 18 percent of children in Minnesota is either a child of an immigrant or were themselves born in a different country, nearly double the 10 percent of children in Minnesota who fit that profile in 2000.

What's happening


Immigrants and their children are vital contributors to our state’s economic, cultural, and civic life.

Knowing more about those who have immigrated to our state can help us better understand the impact on our schools, our workforce, our health systems, and our cities. Staying informed of immigration trends helps us build social ties and better respond to shifting needs and opportunities.

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Immigration has greatly influenced the economic and cultural development of our state. But the backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences of Minnesota’s immigrants have changed considerably over time, and differ from the nation as a whole. Compass researcher Allison Liuzzi explains.