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Minnesota's cultural communities

Choose any of the populations in the left-hand column to learn about Minnesota's rich and diverse cultural communities.

These in-depth profiles provide information on 26 of the largest cultural communities in Minnesota. The profiles came about through conversations with Compass users who let us know:

We want more information about our communities. In particular, users wanted detailed information on the strengths, needs, and quality of life of their own cultural communities.

Published data from the U.S. Census tables are not enough. We heard that the U.S. Census Bureau's standard racial and ethnic categories often fall short of reflecting how communities define themselves. For the profiles in this section, cultural identification is based on a combination of self-reported race, ancestry, birthplace, and parental characteristics. These characteristics help us ensure that what we measure is meaningful by coming closer to identifying Minnesota's largest cultural communities as they define themselves.

More information will help us better tell our stories. Detailed information about Minnesota's cultural communities can help all of us better understand the composition and quality of life of diverse Minnesotans throughout the state. Community members themselves can tell their stories, bolstered by data that more closely represents the cultural communities with which they identify.

Quick facts

  • Nearly 4 in 10 Mexican Minnesotans live in greater Minnesota.
  • Ninety-five percent of Minnesota's Hmong population live in the Twin Cities.
  • More than 90% of Somali Minnesotans live in renter-occupied housing.

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Populations at a glance

Cultural community Total Minnesota population
White non-Hispanic 4,434,531
African American 230,338
Mexican 206,890
Native American 168,465
Hmong 81,966
Somali 65,379
Indian 51,462
Chinese 36,671
Vietnamese 33,486
Ethiopian 29,556
Korean 26,570
Filipino 21,181
Liberian 18,480
Laotian 17,845
Puerto Rican 15,214
Salvadoran 12,014
Burmese 11,145
Guatemalan 10,712
Cambodian 10,586
Japanese 10,174
Ecuadorian 9,603
Kenyan 9,421
Colombian 8,652
Lebanese 7,645
Thai 6,462
Cuban 6,339